Welcome to the Temple

The Oneness Wisdom Temple was conceived in 2006 to serve as a foundation for the grounding of the Unity Christ/Buddha/Krishna planetary consciousness.

This sacred essence is the frequency and resonance that Master Jesus and other divine emissaries were able to access, embody and express in their teachings and messages. Such an elevated vibration has existed since the beginning of creation and as such it does not belong to any single religious institution.

Anyone that wakes up and chooses to closely align with such a Consciousness can be called a Christ, for he or she has sought to express God's love, wisdom and power in all their activities and relationships.

God as well, is a concept that be embraced without having an orthodox religious experience, for God is simply the creative impulse of the universe -  the absolute potential to manifest.

Master Jesus the Christ refined this consciousness so profoundly that he crystallized into a Being that changed the world by first transforming himself. His energetic field literally configured itself into a perfect geometric array of pure, clear, transparent Christ/Crystal radiation. 

Rev. Carlos Rubio is a metaphysical minister, spiritual intuitive, published author, and founder of the Oneness Wisdom Temple. His mission focuses on supporting people in their path of inner awakening and transformation by serving as a spiritual guide, wisdom teacher, inspired channel, conscious writer and creative artist.

Since 2006, he has been channelling the voice of the ascended masters, angels, and the Andromedan Circle of Oneness. The Circle is a twelve-dimensional group intelligence dedicated about empowering humans to remember, realign, and return back to their Soul Self - the cornerstone to embrace Christ/Crystal Consciousness.

Carlos is a monthly contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine. He lives with this wife and three children near Toronto, Canada