There is a deeper purpose and meaning to your existence that just trying to survive in an unpredictable, fear-inspiring world, where the population is divided, egocentric and just trying to bring certainty to darkness and the unknown.

The part that keeps you addicted to such a turmoil and that you believe is you, it is actually an impostor, pretending to be you, acting as your voice of reason, dictating your every move, thought and feeling. However, in reality, it is just a figment of your psyche, designed to maintain basic homeostasis or equilibrium in your system, just at an enough level of existence as to keep the body alive and your senses in alert mode always in the lookout for danger, attack, wrong-doing, separation and survival. That aspect is your baseline existence mode, just enough to keep you breathing, but not enough to let you take risks and explore other aspects of your potentiality, because exploring jeopardizes the survival mode and it is not encouraged.

This impostor does not want you to wake up and start asking questions about your existence, about what you are capable, about what else is out there, about exploring other dimensional ways of living, about learning new experiences, and connecting with new relationships.

To step out its control and expand, you need to release the hold that aspect has on your whole system, you must release the whole control game that has you pin down in a prostrated position of a begging victim, always looking to be safe and be kept safe, no matter the consequences and trade-offs.

The alternative is to engage another aspect that is possibly less familiar, more subtle, more inclusive, less loud, more friendly, more accepting, more encompassing, and its capable of showing you the bigger picture without the fear that you will react and lose yourself in the process. That part is actually the real you, the part that is subtle and remains alive even after the body transitions after the journey you call death. That is the part that has all the answers that you seek.

The real self abides in your inner Temple and represents that part of your inner self that is always in communion with the divine. It is in this inner sanctuary that we are truly connected to source energy and from where all our prayers are sent and received. It is the place  that's accessed during mediation, when the senses are calmed and we allow the inner voice to be our guide.

In this space the Ego has no access card, no jurisdiction, as this is a reality beyond the control of the third dimensional senses. This is the space of pure potential, a place where energy exists in its neutral, undisturbed state, where all is possible and from where all dreams, projects, and manifestation spawn. It is here where you have access to all the subtle energies that you had available when you were a child, when you were able to relax and just exist in a playful and free state.

This reality is possible to access, maintain and grow to be the sustenance for a life that is literally full of magic and immerse with the light of God, and not the fear of the Ego, as the ego is simply put, a calculating, algorithm-based computing device, designed to gather outside stimuli, run some programmed calculations and spit out a set of parameters that are meant to be accepted as infallible truth.

This is the reality that has been running your life in a pre-awaken state.