Welcome dear Masters, be blessed with the gift of silence, of peace, of being in communion with your inner essence - the part of you that is always calmed, grounded, and in balance. There are moments in your life when you experience those attributes, and the reality, you are experiencing yourself. You are getting a glimpse of your real being which is the part that gives love and receives love. It is the part that shares wisdom and receives wisdom, and it is pure oneness and power.

We invite you to get in contact with that part and carry it with you as you.
That is the best gift you can offer the world.


The world is transforming

We want to pray for the world, for all the sentient beings on the planet. A big shift, a big transformation is going through. There is change. Change is the only constant that you need learn to embrace; so welcome it and get familiar with it.

Everything you knew, everything that you thought it was your solid ground is no longer available. There's something that you had to let go, and there are some of you who are reluctant to surrender. They want back what they used to have. Folks want to hold on to the old life, the old way of being, the old way of seeing and doing. They were comfortable. They were safe. That old life was familiar. Therefore, right now, they feel unsafe, ungrounded, uneasy as that reality is no longer in existence. It only persists in your mind, your imagination, and in some nostalgic memories. 

We invite you take the next step of letting go what you used to enjoy, what you used to have, places you used to visit, and relationships you used to embrace. Releasing doesn't mean you completely eradicate that experience from your life, as some experiences can be transformed. What we're saying is that no longer it is going to exist in the same way, in the same frequency as before. There is a new mixture and new ingredients are coming into play. It is up to you to evolve those things that you want to keep that you used to have, and to really let go what you no longer need.

Even though the events in your world are chaotic, from our perspective we see that this is a time of celebration! It is a time of rejoicing and coming together. It’s an opportunity to embrace one another and seeing each other for what you really are - for who you really are. You are ALL one and the same, experiencing life from a different perspective. But at a fundamental level you are made of the same energy, the same vibration, and the same spark of God. This fact can no longer be denied in the new reality that you are all stepping into. It cannot be pushed into the shadows and pretend that Oneness is not the ultimate reality.

The challenges humanity is facing are bringing to the surface the ability to clearly distinguish between what's real and what's an illusion. What you used to enjoy, and you thought as solid and grounded most likely was an illusion. Of course, you had a hard time discerning between the two, but now what is real is going to be in your face. Reality, it's going to be calling you to your highest potential. It's going to call you to engage that part of yourself that makes you unique and that you came here to share with the world.


The return of Oneness

What is illusion and what is real? Everything that has a frequency of love, compassion, peace, and joy is real, because it is the same frequency of the Universe and the creative force that brough you into existence. An illusion is everything ego-made, ideologies and mind constructs not rooted in oneness and instead rooted in selfish perspectives.

You're stepping into experiences that can provide for all of us. You're stepping into a reality of inclusivity, because how can you exclude someone that is like you, that is you. Would you let someone from your family be left behind? Of course not, you would do the impossible to make sure that you go back and pick them up and help them catch up and provide for them, help them heal. That is what you are all going to be doing it for each other, no matter the labels that currently divide you. Separation is going to be burned away and it is going to be part of that past that we're talking about that no longer exists and is illusory. It only exists in your mind like a distant memory.

Once labels drop what is left behind is the nakedness of the real self, shining bright light on your commonalities, and in that light, there are no longer divisions, no longer factions, no longer good or bad. Everything is just neutral ready to be experienced together.

It is easy to love those close to you, those whose hearts are related to you. Similarly, it is easy to relate to those who share the same ideals, perspectives, values, and opinions. It is easy to love and relate to them because they are very much like you. However, the time will come when all of you will be called to love even those who have opposing views, even those who have the perspective of superiority or pretending that they are better, that they know better, and therefore are playing the game of manipulation and control. Can you love those as well? 

To be able to love those with their faults and shortcomings is the challenge that will bless humanity with the true magic of acceptance and forgiveness. This forgiveness process needs to start within with each of you.


Owning your uniqueness

The process of saving the world starts with saving yourself. How can you expect to have a world of community, love, and support when those are attributes that you don't give to yourself first? The transformation processes and healing of the world starts with the transformation and healing of your inner realm. That's why this work is so important, the work of going within, staying within, living from within, and creating from within. That is going to make the difference, as more and more people learn to engage and discover the inner treasures that have been in the shadows, hidden, and forgotten. 

The process of awakening is the process of engaging with your heart which contains all the answers. It harbors all the peace, love, prosperity, abundance, creativity, and inspiration you would have ever desire and need. It is all already inside of you. Do not continue looking for those things outside. Success, everlasting success comes from the inside out.

Ego will have you believe that you need to achieve outwardly first to feel capable, worthy, and good about your efforts.  But the reality is that the sustainable way of doing it is the other way around. It starts with removing all barriers to love; all barriers that prevent you from perceiving your inner peace, wisdom, power, and forgiveness. Those blockages are holding you back and preventing you to be fully alive.


A world of freedom

Why do you want a world that is free if you are not free yourself? How can you pretend to enjoy such a world if you come to it with heaviness and a close heart? The world reflects the light that shines within you, so even though the world can be free, if you don't have that freedom first within yourself you will not be able to perceive it. Even though others can see it, you would still only perceive oppression, darkness, limitation, struggle, and fear.

On the other hand, those who have done the work, those who have opened themselves up to their inner light would be projecting onto the canvas of the universe those same attributes and they would perceive the same reality, the same experience with different lenses and instead of those challenging attributes they will see opportunity, growth, love, service, togetherness, and oneness.

The world is not as it is but as you are. That is the key to allow you to see a new world as you become anew yourself.


You possess all you seek

All the wisdom that you ever need is already inside of you. You carry the success you seek; therefore, you are already the success you seek. It is no longer on a date in the future. It’s no longer when you retire and can have millions in the bank. Success is now! Success is what you are since the moment you were born. Just the act of being alive in this planet it’s miracle. You are a miracle!

In the process of transforming yourself, the struggles you have faced and you're facing, it’s all in divine purpose and in perfect alignment with what you need to be able to breakthrough so that you can shine brightly and help project that new world that is coming, that is already here. But to enjoy it, to see it, you need to be willing to match it vibrationally.

The invitation is to be here, to not give up, to face the challenge, and to realize that is hard. It is because it's hard that is worth having. If it was easier, it would not motivate you, it would not challenge you so that you could demonstrate the courage, the brilliance, the ingenuity that it’s already inside. It's because of the challenges that those things can be activated.

The world needs you. Whatever you can bring, whatever is your special recipe, your special piece of the puzzle is needed.  The world needs it and it’s the reason you got here, because only you can play that hand, only you can bring that vibration. Somewhere, someone else is waiting for your vibration for them to activate their vibration and therefore activating somebody else, creating a chain reaction of change. To work on yourself and change is a worthy effort and endeavour. It is the best thing you can do for the world right now - to play your cards, to make your move.  Only you know how to play it best.

Do not be afraid, you're not alone, you have been guided, you are here for a reason. There are so many other distractions out there in the world. Why have you chosen to be here? Why have you chosen to listen or read this message? Why is this message presented to you right now in this format? What is it that you need to hear, you need to understand? What is it that is awaking inside of yourself that this message is activating? Remove all barriers and struggles and allow it to take shape, allow it to ground in yourself, allow life to lead the way.


Allow life to guide

Your ego, your desires, your wishes had led the way, thus far; but now life is inviting you and asking you to co-create with it. You're not releasing or relying on something external to lead your life, that is the fear, that you might lose control and end up in an unexpected magical, miraculous place filled with love and laughter, community, growth, togetherness, expansion. Is that what you're afraid of?

That’s what life is here to give you, is here to give those who are ready to release and allow life to speak for you, life to do for you, life to be you, life to support you, life to attract for you, life to command for you, life to create alongside with you. You're still in the vehicle, you're just allowing a guiding force to be your co-pilot, a force that has a higher perspective, a higher view. It has access to the big picture, so why not allow that help to be in your life. Why pretend that you can do it alone and in isolation.

Life and the Universe are your friends. This creative God force is your friend. It is here to help you co-create that world that you all desire and that is being manifested right now. But for that to happen you need to go through your challenges and tribulations to check off what is no longer needed, what is no longer necessary, what is holding you back. To cut lose any anchors, any dead weight, and burdens you are carrying and that you think you need and that you get something out of.

Life invites you to cut loose anything that is dragging and slowing you down. That’s what this time of transition is for. Those who were holding onto their baggage, their pain, their righteousness, and their old ways of being and living are called to release it. Those who release are going to have an easier time, an easier transition time, because they're going to allow the life force to work with them.

Just allow yourself to invite that force to work with you and through you: “God, Universe, I completely understand you have a bigger picture, you know what's coming, you know what's best. I surrender my life to you. Work with me, help me heal, help me see what I need to see, help me hear what I need to hear. Bring to me relationships and partnerships I need to fulfill my piece of the puzzle, my contracts, my agreements with myself.” Ask for help! The Universe is here to serve you.

Those who choose to hold on tight to what they think they need, of course, they are going to miss this guidance, this advice, this counseling. They are going to miss the directions and take detours that might end in dead ends. They will have to turn back and try again just to find another detour that ends in a U turn. There are no wrong answers here and this path it's not necessarily any worse than the other one, it is just going to take longer, it's going to require more effort, more energy.

You are all invited to the same destination, and you are guided to go there. Either you take the help of the Universe, or you choose to push it aside for now. However, everyone on the planet is welcome very clearly, very openly to engage with this energy for the first time in many thousand years. These portals, these doors are open for this assistance to really come forward to activate and guide you clearly, decisively, powerfully into your next step. It is going to allow you to present what is uniquely yours to give.

Life loves you. That creative force is you. In a way is you loving you. Would you not be cheering for someone you love? Would you not be cheering for a loving child, your child? - for them to grow up, expand, and see clearly what their path is and how to follow it. Would you not want that for them? That's how life sees you, and that's what life wants for you. That's why it wants to help, it's wants to support you. But it can only help to the extent that you allow it.

This co-creation requires you to expand your senses of perception. If you remain limited to just your five physical senses, you're going to be missing part of the communication. The information that is going to be coming through you is at a subtle, energetic level that the physical senses are not prepared or designed to perceive. Therefore intuition, the higher senses need to be heightened, the heart needs to be open, and the mind needs to be activated.

The power centres, the chakras, the meridians need to be receptive and perceptive of any incoming information because that's how the universe relates with you. Pay attention to your dreams, synchronicities, gut feelings, and all ways of seeing and perceiving beyond what your senses can give you. That's where the magic is. That's where the excitement is. Because then you realize, and you prove to yourself that life is more wonderful than what you thought. It's no longer just survival, no longer just working for feeding, clothing, or putting a roof over your heads. 

With this in place life becomes playing. Life becomes fun again. Life as seen through the eyes of a child. Children don't see how a pile of snow is blocking their toy wagon. They see a pile of snow and they want to go and climb on it, build a castle, build a snowman with it. They see options, possibilities, potential, but rarely limitations.

This relationship with life that we're inviting you to engage in is what's going to offer you and give you a new way of perceiving. It's going to reward you with feeling this oneness, this sense of possibility that nothing is impossible, that everything is within your grasp. Everything you dream of because you're dreaming it is possible for you to create. Why would life give you something that is out of your reach to achieve? It would make no sense. If you dream it, if it's exciting for you, if you feel the need to pursue it then you need to acknowledge that this is life speaking. That's how life works with you and guides you.

Life communicates through this subtle sense of knowingness, the feeling that you must do something that is not quite rational, that quite makes no sense, that is no logical, that might not be proven, but it's burning inside of you, and it repeats over and over. The message it's calling for you, it is asking you to listen and pay attention. 

Often that feeling is pushed aside because your world has not been structured to pay attention to those signals and cues. Your planet has become all too scientific. It must be proven before you can act. However, life is more like an Artist, and it behaves like a poet, a philosopher. It is spontaneous. It cannot be compared to a scientist that is very exact, very detail, very calculated. This is a very important distinction to understand. The clues that you receive from the Universe feel like they're coming from that part of you that is creative and wants to find expression through play, through to a project that is innovative. It is in following and developing this flow that you find the uniqueness you're here to bring.

Nothing in the world can give you more peace than engaging yourself with work guided by spirit, by life itself. The life that animates you. In a way, it is you guiding you. Therefore, don't think this is a force external to you. Don't think that you must follow something blindly and you are left behind. In following yourself you are creating a circle, a circuit, a cycle, and that's how life is meant to evolve, be played, and be fully lived.

A feedback loop gets triggered when your actions bring a reward that motivates you. This invites you to take the next step which shows possibilities that move you forward. The cycle is inside of you. As you can see everything that we have described has nothing to do with achieving anything in the world. However, the impact will be material in the world.
The creative process, the journey is all an inner quest of listening, analyzing, and allowing the project to come to mind from the heart and eventually flow through your hands to be materialized as a product of service into the world.

Cells in the body of God

In this reality you are all ONE being, experiencing multiple perspectives. You are in fact one organism; many cells specialized in doing different things. Every so often, if antagonism arises, it's like the kidney cells not liking in the heart cells just because they look different or have a different function. This spawns an attack to destroy them. What's going to happen to the whole Organism? Well, eventually is going to perish. 

This is exactly what's happening currently to mankind. The inner wars and conflicts are destroying the body of humanity. It is succumbing and crumbling because one part is attacking the other; the right hand is not liking what the left hand is doing. If only they knew they were connected, that they were part of the same entity. This realization would make them stop the hatred and they could focus on how to collaborate to create something that allows new growth and healing.

Humanity is realizing its togetherness and that it is part of a larger organism called God.

You are a part of the creative impulse of God. You are a very important cell in that body, and without you it cannot function at its highest potential. That's why you're so precious. The part that you are here to bring is very important. The heart needs the heart cells to function properly; the kidney needs the kidney cells to work properly. If those cells one day decide that they want to part ways and leave, then that organ would decay. That's what cancer is all about, some cells going rogue thinking that they know best. Maybe they are led by their cell ego somewhere else thinking that they are going to create on their own, away from the main organism.

Planet of Peace
A new conscious world is unfolding. It is real, it is here, it is already achieved from our perspective because it is a template that is inside each of you. Each human in the world has it in them. All they need to do is remove whatever is blocking the template so that it can shine upon the world. That’s how peace on earth is created, peace on earth exists right now, that's why it is a now event. It is no longer something that is going to be experienced in the future. Peace on earth is already here.

The struggle, the conflict is already won because the body, the organism is healing. It is bringing itself back into balance, into alignment asking all the cells to work in unison and they are responding and following.

Prepare yourself for the next wave of enlightenment, of empowerment, of beauty, of light in the world. The planet has not seen that kind of energy for a long, long time. It’s meant to return to be experienced again by those who are ready to receive it, ready to embrace it, ready to see it as a reflection of who they are. Some are going to choose to leave the planet, some are going to choose to be born on the planet because they are ready to be part of that world. It is a personal choice.

Please relax. We gave you a few things to ponder about. You're not alone, you are guided, you are loved, you are supported, you have your ancestors, your guides, and your spirit group working with you. As we usually say, all you have to do is ask - what is it that you want to do, what is it that you want to create? - that's the direction you're going to take.

With that we're going to leave you tonight, you are loved, thank you so much for your presence during this communication. Be Blessed As One!