Millions of people are waking up every day to the fact that what used to be true and solid in their reality is no longer holding to scrutiny. The input the senses provide is no longer enough to explain how people are feeling inside. The material world and what it has to offer is no longer enough to satiate the hunger and thirst for something deeper, more profound, and meaningful. Just working a job, earning a living, shopping, and accumulating is no longer fulfilling to that inner part that is becoming increasingly sensitive to the changes of this reality. In fact, people are dissatisfied with the superficial lives they have been living and they are looking for a deeper connection.

The source of lasting fulfillment may reside already inside each human being. This sacred space within can be compared to a metaphorical garden, an altar, a temple. However, the disharmony current felt by many exists because this temple was forgotten, covered by weeds, dust, and dirt over a lifetime of neglect or possibly over many lifetimes of abandon.

The inner sanctuary is a refuge that serves as residence to that part that is the only source of true happiness, love, wisdom, and personal power. It is the treasure that life is calling you to discover, remember, unveil, and reactivate in your life. By doing so, all blinds and barriers start to fall apart until all that’s left is the realization that we are not just bodies having a material experience, but pure vibrational energy, a soul, inhabiting the body temporarily having the opportunity to grow and expand at the sprit level.