A new world consciousness takes place as each human aligns with new, empowering choices and awakens to the reality of their true nature. In understanding who we are, we acknowledge what we are here to give, produce, and assist in the uplifting of human consciousness. Each of our talents and skills have a mission. They were given to us to be used as instruments of service. It is through our creations that we support and heal ourselves, others, and the planet.

Each of us brings a unique perspective and infuses the field of consciousness with a unique set of ingredients designed to move human consciousness from the current view of separation into a reality of Unity. Unity consciousness is not a fantastic fictional tale, it is our next step in evolution. It is the realization that we are one human family and no longer there is room for separation and conflict. It requires for each person to integrate their light and darkness polarities into a unified field of awareness. It invite us to make choices that are heart based and inclusive of all life forms on the planet.