Dear ones, it is with great honour that I come before you to speak, so that you can feel my presence in your field. Just like you, I am an ongoing expression of the love that my Father is, that God is. We are all a spark of that love. As you allow me as your friend, as your companion, as your brother to enter your field, I bring with me that love, so that we can partake and share the love that we are and blend it into one, bringing it back into the oneness from where it came from. The love that we are is what we have in common; what all life has in common. The vibration and resonance that is the frequency of God informs and animates who we are. It is the energy that we all share.

I invite you to be in that space of oneness, of connectedness, of unity, of feeling that you are part of a bigger whole. Your existence is not unnoticed, nor insignificant. It is precious, valuable, and it adds to the wealth that the consciousness of God is. Without you there will be something missing, something not quite right in our reality. Each one of you is a precious jewel of consciousness necessary to animate the bigger organism. This consciousness is the ultimate expression of love that I call my Father or God. I would like to clarify that this energy is not just masculine in nature, as that label might make it appear. It is an energy that is all-encompassing. It is neutral - both male and female, all of it and none of it. It simply cannot be described in words. Therefore, when I use a masculine label, it's just a choice I have made, for the sake of a clear communication. Please feel free to choose your own labels. Whatever works and resonates with you, that is what you need to call those energies. 

Oneness and love are the same frequency
An invitation has been extended to humanity currently residing on planet Earth to step into a higher frequency of consciousness by allowing more of the heart love energy to be present in their life and in their field, for the two are directly related. A higher flow of love energy allows for a higher presence of consciousness in your field, giving you more access to wisdom, compassion, personal power, creativity, and inspiration. In doing so, your levels of awareness increase. The awareness that you are is not separate, for you, your brothers and sisters are one. You, the natural world, and the field of the planet are one and beyond. You are one with the cosmos, all dimensions, and realities. That is what we call the unity or Christ consciousness.

The crystalline consciousness which speaks of the language of how these realities are created, maintained, and manifested. It speaks of the fabric, the fundamental ingredient and material of these realities. When you step into Christ consciousness you understand the truth of the realities that manifested from spirit as a way for our souls to find a playing field of expression, of being able of manifest the creativity that each of us are at a soul level. We imagined these scenarios, these stages where we could come and interact with each other and play and laugh, and face challenges, and solve problems, and come up with creative solutions, and be in service, and discover our capabilities and potentials. 

Souls imagined realities that came into existence
The intention, attention, and love that was emanating from our centres collectively started to create geometries and structures where light could be organized intelligently to follow define patterns of thought. Eventually, it conglomerated to start converting energy into matter or the illusion of matter, so that we as souls could decent and incarnate these new geometric patterns of energy in motion that we called a physical realm. For the physical is only a perception. Reality is just energy vibrating. However, to the brain and the senses, the perception is that it is solid, tangible, malleable, that can be touched, seen, heard, felt. It gives the perfect scenario, the perfect opportunity for souls to really interact at a very intimate level with each other, in a way that they don't usually do it at a spiritual level. Designed so they could interact and exchange experiences and learn from each other and challenge each other. As souls we created what we currently see in the physical realm so that we could descend and be with each other and be with ourselves so that we could challenge ourselves to grow ourselves and in turn feed the collective energy that we called consciousness.

As humans in form, we are here to manifest what we are when we are formless as souls. Creativity is our nature. We are here to create just as we do at a soul level. It is through our creations that we serve. That's the best way to make an impact on the realities. We help others grow as we grow. We raise and uplift each other in unison, as we don't want to leave a brother or a sister behind. We are here to encourage each other to continue to face challenges that are going to provide jewels of wisdom that eventually can be integrated back into our soul essence that I call growth and soul evolution. This gives you a glimpse of the workings, of the mechanism behind what you perceive as real, and for you to understand that what you perceive as real is just a stage that is being supported by the realities that your body senses cannot perceive. With deep love and gratitude.