The search for life's purpose it's an enterprise that will demand most of your time. Since birth until transition, your spirit will find ways to manifest the purpose of its human experience. Spirit knows that you came here to create. It knows your inner, deepest motivations.

It was as a spirit that you planned and set about to be human in order to reach a set of goals or milestones necessary to foster the growth and development of your eternal self. In spiritual form is contained the information necessary to recognize your passion. Go within, find the resting place of your soul and then ask and wait for a response. By doing this, you are having direct contact with your real self, therefore accessing knowledge about what you came here to accomplish.

There are certain guidelines that can be followed to have access to that information as it resides in spiritual form. To enter this plane you need to go back to the essence of your real self. You need to rediscover your nature and establish communion with that part of yourself forgotten for so long in your three dimensional plane.

"The knowledge of Self manifests as power to change the world"

In order to reach this spiritual level, train yourself to hear and trust your inner voice. The clutter-filled, stressed, logical 3D minds are mostly focus on material demands and survival, and therefore it is unable to cope with subtle, high vibration energies necessary to tap into your inner knowledge. The most important step towards connecting within is to be able to quiet your minds and allow it to rest to find balance and harmony.

Silence is key for listening. If you are continuously talking, your physical voice will overcast the voice of your inner messenger, making it almost impossible for you to hear any transmission from spirit. Once you are able to be quiet inside, guidance will come through and this will be interpreted by your mind as inspiration, ideas, concepts, projects or purely imagination at play.

Trust that this information comes directly from your source and provides details pertaining your purpose and steps to achieve it.

Most people dismiss these messages because they are often delivered in a subtle, non-linear way, and this fluid way of perceiving is called Intuition. The ability to trust and follow your intuition takes a certain level of practice and practical experience to master it.

The voice of spirit is manifested through your intuition; follow it and be assured that you are walking towards your passion.

Once you find silence and you are open to listen to the messages of spirit through your intuition, take the necessary steps  to work toward those inspired goals. Often, your heart will validate the information received. The heart is in charge of projecting the information so it can be fulfilled. When the heart is involved, you can completely let go and walk with the knowledge and security that your destiny awaits you.

Even though, the information from spirit is delivered to the conscious mind via the process described above, the steps necessary for its implementation requires a second set of inner skills in order to see your desires manifested. This skill requires the heart to process it and apply it.

The heart is a two-way communication device and the instrument to transmit this energy of wisdom and manifestation. Quiet the mind, listen for the guidance of your intuition and implement the knowledge using the heart as a tool to focus your intention.

Silence, attention and intention permit access to knowledge and foster creation.