In moments of challenge and difficulty we are bombarded with emotional and mental afflictions that can take us off center and destabilize us, if we are not ready to receive them. A common reaction to coping with stressors is to fold back into addicted behaviours or acts of self-sabotage. It is our response to stimuli we are not quite ready to face. In those moments we feel hopeless, inadequate, a victim, and feel without control to remedy the situation at hand. 

A quick aid you can use to alleviate the emotional and mental burden is to bring your attention to the heart space. You can do this exactly when you feel the situation is going out of control and ideally before that. Challenges sometimes feel unsurmountable because we see them from a perspective of being separate from them. We observe them from a level of awareness that is apprehensive about dealing with the issues, as fears and anxiety are generated, which force us to constrict and prevents any inspiration or creative ideas to flow to mind that could help us come up with a solution.

By existing from your heart center, you give yourself the ability first to be in the present moment and to know that healing can only occur in the now. Secondly, it connects you with you source of life force, and the tranquilly that follows is the best medicine against any ailment.

From this space of poise and balance, you become instantly empowered to stand in your strength, ready to observe diligently the situation. By making the issue come to awareness, it loses its power on you, as it depends on you staying small and fragile to feed on your energy.

By reclaiming your power, which living from the heart automatically provides, you cloth yourself with a cloak of protection, compassion and wisdom that allows you see the issue as a manifestation of an old habit that you have the power to neutralize and integrate. When this occurs, you no longer need to be afraid to face your issues, as the power of love that flows from the heart into your field is the healing balm that brings peace and resolution.