Our external relationships reflect the relationship with have with ourselves. Therefore, to change our outer world, transformation is needed inside first which then ripples outwards to impact reality.

Relationships teach us all there is to know about our inner connection with our real selves. How we treat others is how we treat ourselves. The light we cast on people in our world is the same brilliance that shines internally and thus it can show us parts that have remained hidden.

This is true not just with the relationships we have with other people but with things, situations, locations, and other living beings. How we treat our world is how we treat our 'inner child', so to speak.

Everything reflects our inner world. In a way, we live in a 'house of mirrors'. Some reflections show us parts that are distorted, stretched, shrunk, disfigured, broken, disproportioned, and fragmented. On the other hand, other mirrors present a truthful and pristine reflection of what we are. So where does this difference come from?

The images that reflect a distorted reality indicate that our inner transmissions outward are compromised and that the signal is defective or carrying corrupted data. This is what the world picks up and of course the picture presented back is less that our true perfection and clear light.

Our true nature is bright, undistorted, innocent, radiant and that is the goal that we are aiming to achieve lifetime after lifetime, to become the clearest transmitter of uncorrupted light and perfect love. 

When that is achieved our house of mirrors will start reflecting less distortions and more the true essence of our real identify, which then reaches and reflects in the world. This adjustment is done by working not just on the transmission signal but on the data being transmitted.

We were designed to use our minds, hearts and personal power as carrier signals to transmit the 'data' of love, wisdom, unity, oneness, togetherness, brotherhood, cooperation, and much more.

When the signal and the message are consistent it allows the voice inside of us to be broadcasted to the world and thus affecting it and changing it to reflect the vibration that we are transmitting.

This is how we change this planet back to a resonance where love and the heart are the guiding force.