Meditation is the common name for the ancient practice of quieting one's thought process to enter an inner state of silence and contemplation.

To Meditate: to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation; to engage in contemplation or reflection; to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness (Merriam-Webster)

The biggest gift of meditation is that you bring back into conscious awareness whatever treasures where encountered; they become your token - your gift to the world. 




  • accesses divine wisdom
  • bring us closer in communion with the divine God self within - to listen so we can understand, to feel so we can act
  • triggers memories that assist us in remembering our true heritage
  • gives a glimpse of the peace we already are, and shows us that any external search in purse of peace is pointless. The journey of enlightenment is a personal and private one - it’s internal
  • help us witness that in essence we are all nothingness, a void - that is the source of the peace that is experienced in that gap, the Tao, God.
  • gives us permission to empty our inner vessel and walk on the world in total acceptance, devoid of heaviness or needs, feeling complete, whole and at one with all
  • shows the meaning of our personal Circle, the representation of the inner and outer realities, and all coexisting in harmony, as one around the central void called God
  • allows, in the presence of the silence, to listen to our own inner voice, the voice that God inspires and that is our ultimate form of inner guidance. That is the real self, as opposed to the voice of the ego
  • confirms that nothing is needed, that external life is not about seeking, amassing, securing, but about expanding, giving and connecting



  • is the art of accessing the inner space of the heart where there is a connection with the Self that is Eternal and all-knowing
  • invite us to exist in a receptive state, where all channels open and get tuned to the frequency of perfect Love. This is the energy that feeds, nourishes, and gives life to the body, emotions, and mind. When all these levels are in-sync and totally in-tuned (Atoned) everything changes
  • makes us more conscious, in fact it makes us aware of part of ourselves that are asleep, dormant, frozen, blocked and solidified
  • shows us reality. It brings up to the surface all the facades, barriers, curtains, fences, walls we have erected to protect our hearts, but in the process compartmentalized part of ourselves and rendered them inactive - no wonder we feel like something is missing, that we are not adequate and incapable of love and being loved
  • provides entry to the inner Garden of Eden that awaits within. That is the garden from we expelled ourselves and to where we are meant to return. From that advantage point, life becomes delightful, as every need is met, every desired fulfilled, and all hunger and additions soothed
  • serves as a focal point, an altar, where we can be in communion with meaningful objects, thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts which are and exist in oneness - from here we learn to be inclusive, cooperative, and realize that by serving others we bring great benefit upon ourselves
  • invites us to listen to God’s 'Talk Show'. By accessing the creative force's vibration, we enter a state of peace and realize that what we are is not what we perceive with our physical senses, we are not even the feelings that arise, or even the thoughts that we think about ourselves - we are transcendental, we are energy, intelligent, ever changing, infinite. (When this reality is witnessed, the human that returns back from a meditation practice is forever changed, altered permanently in the fact that the identity is no longer based on the limitations we have - in fact we learn to observe ourselves with kindness, love, and forgiveness).



  • focuses scattered energies into focused purpose and practical action
  • serves as the gateway to start putting together pieces that got scattered long time ago that made us fragmented, broken in a way. The purpose of the lifetimes is to bring ourselves back into a state of wholeness, of oneness within ourselves and with the divine source.
  • puts aside our small limited versions of ourselves and show us the grandiose presence that exist immutable and unchangeable beyond the barriers that we have placed in order to protect ourselves from the harsh conditions of this world.
    (In fact the word appears as we are. The world appears arid and rough because that is the lenses we are choosing to wear to make such a judgement. In fact the world is neutral, as we become more authentic, the world is going to reflect that back and it will perceived as one in alignment with the peace, love and wisdom we are projecting).
  • helps to develop and strengthen will power, as it requires fortitude and discipline to gather the momentum necessary to really reach deep within into the gold mines of our soul and to bear witness of the magnificent of who you are - it is not for the faint of heart. (It requires courage to observe the parts that we have disown for whatever reason and to invite them back to be part of our experience).
  • creates a space where the Ego cannot enter, as it is out of its jurisdiction. The ego has no power, control or influence where peace resides. It is our place of shelter, a refuge and sanctuary from the ongoing assault, noise and chatter the Ego’s game is based on