The path of transformation is not a destination, it is about encountering everyday parts of yourself that have not been fully introduced to Love. For it is love that brings all together and offers lasting healing. Love allows us to transcendent our limitations and lower vibrations, as nothing can stand in its presence and exist there for long periods of time in the same old vibration. The law of resonance comes into play and therefore when you shine love on any relationship, concern, problem, dispute, trespassing and you keep shining on it long enough eventually that disturbance is going to start changing the frequency and eventually only love will be left behind.

The power of the vibratory frequency of love is that it literally turns everything it touches into itself, or you could say that it turns all into gold, for love is the ultimate symbol of wealth.
Love transcends this mortal human experience, and it can be taken with you when you die. It is the ultimate spiritual currency, accepted everywhere in the cosmos of creation. Access to other dimensions and realms of existence is only possible by the currency of the vibration you bring forth. The more unconditional love, the more clearance to multiple levels of learning. It is the ultimate universal travel passport.

Love does not buy, it attracts. Love does not need, it gives. Love does not require, it accepts. Love is therefore a tool of compassion that allows you to exist in oneness with all of creation. It allows you to see yourself as part of a larger perspective and at the same time creating an impact in the ripples of time, space, and spirit.

The point of your mortal human life is therefore to accumulate unto yourself more of these loving vibrations and make your body, mind, emotions, feelings, and spiritual self perfectly tuned to it. Infuse yourself with as much of it as you can. This is the purpose of your life, no matter your profession or walk of life, culture, sexual orientation, opinion, it applies to you all equally. Use your chosen activity as a vehicle to give love, for it is only that way that you will receive the kind of unconditionally love we are referring to here.

It is the act of selfless service that distills the intention into a pure vibration that comes back and stays with you at all levels. This is the path traversed by sages and saints who were able to transcend the human experience and turn themselves into the ultimate recipients of this divine vibration. They gave their love, heart and hands to God and the universe used them to build a more loving plane of existence for all. It happened just because of the service they provided, the souls they touched, and the hearts they converted. That is the way!
Love to all.