The past two years have been very challenging, to say the least. Our pre-covid life is a distant memory. It feels like collectively, we have gone through a death of sorts, and what we used to have, know, and do has been shattered.

This process can be compared to a Near Death Experience or NDE, where the individual goes through a traumatic event that forces a rift, a split in consciousness that allows the person to resurface from the incident with a new, fresh perspective. No longer the old life seems real or relevant any longer; there is a new vision, a new mission, a new sense of purpose guiding where we put our thoughts, love, and personal power.

The NDE is a rebirth, the passing of the old life and the welcoming of new possibilities. Those who choose to hold on to their old life would not allow themselves the opportunities to experience this shift. They would remain in a state of limbo, an inner purgatory, where they are holding on to an old way of being that is no longer alive, but still are not accepting the new person that life is inviting you to become and embrace.

It is a well-known fact that people that go through an NDE comes back with a changed personality and outlook in life. In a sense, they are no longer the person they used to be; the experience has transformed them and the old life is intangible dream.

Something happens during an NDE that the person is so profoundly moved that the old self is left behind and it is replaced by an attitude of reverence, understanding, compassion, inclusivity, peace, and great love. This experience triggers an awakening that removes any blinders the person was carrying and that was preventing them to experience that deep inside they are not the reflection they see in the mirror.

The experience reveals the one Self, the pure body of intelligent energy we are. It disassociates from identifying ourselves solely with the body and through our material senses. It reveals we are the observer that watches and allows Free Will to unfold and permits the person to learn by making mistakes and amassing victories.

The NDE gives us the ability to engage with that real part of our selves in a way that it becomes our One and Only personality once again. In the old life, it was a forgotten relative, and it was rarely invited to the parties, so to speak. Not because it was not welcomed, but because we were not aware of Its existence.

The NDE assist us in seeing clearly that this Being is very real, alive, and it is the part of us that is eternal, transcends all human limitations, and can deliver the peace and love we seek in life.