The goal of all spiritual adventures is to reach closer to the ultimate truth that’s God, or whatever name you have for this wonderful energy. We are all heading in that direction. All we do, think, feel and express moves us closer to that goal.

Life blows strong, hurricane-like storms over our trees of life every day, and these forceful winds push us in different directions. Whatever branches we have that are weak, dry or decaying will be break loose. Life is a test of fortitude and endurance and forces any dead parts of us to be shaken off and removed so it can foster new growth. Life is always on our side.

On the other hand, whatever is supple and flexible will easily bend and absorb the pressure without fracturing. It reminds us of what’s active, alive and energized with life force.

Over a lifetime, as we progress in our inner work, we become adept at only keeping what’s beneficial and nurturing and we let go of any dead weight; well, most of the time anyway, as this is the ideal way of living. However, some of us choose to hold on to our ‘dead branches’ and defend them against the winds of change that live provides.

Human life can be seen as a large tree leaning on the shore over the river current, but without falling. It is like being in a state of equilibrium between the forces that want to pull you down and the forces that want to keep you upright.

Even though you are on a precarious angle, you are no failing. Being in this critical position invites you to either give up and accept your fate as eventual driftwood, or you are going to be encouraged to dig in and develop deep, thick, stronger roots.

The dense illusio-reality that’s is being currently experienced on Earth is a constant source of challenge that requires adaptation.

You cannot longer depend on superficial factors to keep you upright and prevent you from falling. The only solution is to reach deep and anchor yourself from the bottom up or from the inside outwards. From this view point, even though you are leaning, you hold on, and exist in faith knowing that your strong foundations will support you.

In this manner, you start depending on parts of yourselves that are unseen from the ground’s perspective, but they are very real, nonetheless. You start to relax and allow your existence to be one of peace with the elements and the environment around you. You no longer need to fear wind or rain from above or the current below.

You start to exist from your secret ground, which you have earned by the work you have allow to manifest through you.

Inspired by Ptaah