Physical reality reflects our inner world. External challenges and problems present us with the opportunity to bring healing. However, we need to decide to face them and look inside at our emotions, feelings, beliefs, habits and overall energetic state.

An idea, for instance, first appears in our mind as a subtle, faint picture that gets developed with more detail which matures into an eventual product or service. The same mechanism applies when we encounter difficulties. Problems initially appear that trigger our mental and emotional cords which create a cascading inner effect that moves us off center and away from a state of homeostasis. Therefore, we feel bothered, annoyed, angered by the presence of such a disturbance.

If left unaddressed, the issue takes shape, becomes alive and starts to residence in our mental and emotional bodies. Every time the external triggers is present, this life forms wakes up and causes inner turmoil.

This entity behaves like an idea. It’s real and persists until we give it our full attention so we can perceive it in detail. It needs to be internalized, analyzed, processed, reviewed, considered, and observed from all angles possible so it can be understood and given expression. This facilitates its integration so it can be released from living inside of us as a parasite.

Understanding brings healing. As we assimilate the energy by learning the lessons our issues and problems force us to see, we can use this process as a tool to evolve our souls toward peace, balance, and unconditional love.