It is with great pleasure that we gather with you today. Your reality is not what it seems. Your physical senses provide you only with a very thin slice of the bigger pie that is your absolute reality. In fact, this reality and the real you are so vast that they cannot be fairly described in words. They are understood only when experienced.

In human form, communication is limited by your vocabulary and mechanisms of logic. That’s why in understanding your world you have utilized additional ways of expressing via music and the arts. It is through creativity that larger amounts of data and information can be conveyed in an instant and without words. It is the closest thing that you have to a telepathic communication. Telepathy is the transfer of visual data and emotional impressions. Whole landscapes can be presented in a split second, bypassing the tedious process of having to describe every tree, rock, and blade of grass. This slow, monotonous data processing is what your physical senses are used to providing you and therefore the image of reality you form in your mind is partial, limited, and incomplete.

While these inspired words are being typed, the channel has already been given the full picture to be transcribed. He is only limited by the decoding capacity of his brain and the speed of his fingers gliding through the keyboard as sentences are stitched into a coherent message. Instead of being typed, this message could have been painted on a canvas or composed as a melody. In these formats, you would have been able to feel the emotions instantly, instead of intellectually understanding it by reading it and probably leaving some feelings out of the equation. The artistic way communicates the intention plus it makes you feel, opens your heart, fosters inclusiveness, and triggers your non-physical senses to decode the image or melody. We encourage you to put these tips into practice. They would not only add another layer to your communications, but it will pave the road for your own creativity to be expressed in ways you have not allowed before.

Humans are used to a sequential array of data that provides a beginning, middle and end to express a specific idea. In some cases, words are desired to convey information with accuracy. However, by allowing emotional layers to take part in the communication you invite the listener and observer to participate and come up with their own conclusions based on what they read, hear, and see. It is like reading a letter from a loved one describing a recent vacation and how much they missed your company. Imagine reading these words on the page without any other sensory input in your surroundings. Now imagine, you play the soundtrack of a soft, melodic, romantic piano sonata while you read the letter. The experience gets enhanced, isn’t it? Now imagine that along with the words on the page, your beloved added fine illustrations of the landscape she is describing such as glimmering sunsets and colorful leaves. Now you are transported closer to the scene and taken by the details. You become a participant and you travel, in a way, with that person. It is like been immersed in a movie. You are in fact there; your mind does not know the difference. This richness occurs when you add colour and vibrancy to your seemingly mundane, repetitive, and tedious experiences.

It is up to you to add layers of sound and colour vibrations to the backdrop of your life to enhance its meaning. You are masters of your experience and by doing this you expand the size of the slice of reality you are experiencing. It enlarges until you get very close to experiencing the full pie. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? To be fully in human form, in the flesh, and to have your field so open and attuned with life that you feel the same way as when you are without a body? Wouldn’t this be Heaven on earth? There wouldn’t be a need to die to visit Heaven and sit next God or one of your beloved masters of wisdom. You can choose to experience that reality right here and now. This is what the revolution in consciousness currently occurring on planet Earth is about. It is about dismantling the belief that only after your pass away you can savor the eternal life of Heaven. That idea has kept people in fear and stuck from experiencing that feeling in their human life.

Expand your ideas of what’s possible and start to accept and surrender the Heaven consciousness that exists already inside of you. Let it pour out into the world and manifest as an authentic life for you and for those you serve. This is how the planet will shift into the awareness of Oneness and how peace will be established in the hearts of each human being as they allow their divinity to be grounded and be the only reality they choose to experience. Love to all, we are closer that you think.