The heart of each human on the planet is being transformed. There is an open invitation to look at your feelings and how you are relating to others, the world and yourself. Are you allowing love to be the main ingredient in your relationships? Are you breathing peace in your interactions and business? Are you receptive to be a beacon of light that dispels all shadows?

It's through relationships that we find our highest expression. It’s how we connect and allow our gifts, skills, and talents to be demonstrated to create a positive impact. It all starts with how you treat yourself. The face in the mirror is the most fundamental teacher. You have to live and commune with this being you are every day. Are you providing this relationship kindness, forgiveness and understanding? 

In the process of knowing who we are, we need to experience situations that help us understand circumstances that are not in alignment with the being we can be. Self realization is about discovering what works and what doesn’t. It’s evolution by trial and error. By making mistakes, falling, and picking ourselves up, we understand the meaning of the kind of service we are here to procure. If joy is present, it’s an indication that the experience aligns with the path we need to follow for our talents to create the highest impact when applied in service to others.

Fear, regret, guilt, and victim energies indicates that whatever we are engaged in is not to our highest benefit. In fact, it's blocking us from being a clear channel for our light to reach the world. We are looking for what expand us and for what restrict us.

The free will to choose either path is with us, but only one choice leads to a life that’s rooted in serving others by the love we pour into making the world a place based on unity, connection, and cooperation. Anything that separates is an indication of a decision that’s fear based. Love unites; therefore a society based on love principles is founded in togetherness and in seeing us in each other.

When we love ourselves so deeply, we can see that love reflected at us in others. How can wars and disharmony exist when such a perception is present?

Do the work necessary to keep your heart open and vulnerable to give and receive. Love requires only our willingness to allow it to flow from within. It’s a fountain that always gives. Become such a source and the world would be attracted to your essence as a giver of peace, grace, and harmony.