There is always something that we can be grateful for, large or small. Sometimes we forget that gratitude is what provide us with our sense of inner peace. It is one of the biggest contributors to us feeling content, satisfied and joyous with what we have in life.

We are used to be thankful when life is flowing our way, when our goals are met without resistance, when we are fully supported, and when abundance is manifested around us. In those warm days, so to speak, is easy to sense the sun on our face and feel like we are provided for and supported. In such an expanded and open state of being, we perceive a sense of gratitude with all of life and we are open to new doors and possibilities.

How can we expect our dreams and desires to find fulfilment if we are not appreciative of the foundation that we currently enjoy? A structure is built slowly but surely over time, and gratitude is how we give the foundation our check of approval. It indicates to the Universe that what we have is adequate and sets the stage for the next layer to be applied over it. Life is built over may layers, and if heavier layers are built over thin, fragile ones, then a collapse can be expected.

Being grateful is how we bless life back for the many gifts that it bestows upon us. It is a confirmation to God that we are on track towards feeling complete and at oneness with what life is providing. It is proof that we are open to receiving many more blessings and that we agree to continue to work with life to work for life. It corroborates that we are available to be an instrument on a mission to establish relationships and projects that are heart-based, inclusive and in service to many.

Gratitude is a barometer that allows us to measure our pressure when the sky is dark and there is torrential rain and fast-moving winds in our inner forecast. We are invited to be grateful for gloomy days as well, not just sunny, warm ones. If we can be in gratitude when a storm is passing through, then it proofs that our house has a strong solid construction. It verifies that we are not afraid of damage when we are tested by nature. If our inner home survives the wrath of nature, then it is confirmation that we have built wisely, using strong and quality materials and our inner temple stands strong despite any external factors.