Everyone has experienced a breathtaking sunset, a sunny day at the beach, the smell of flowers, a moment of silence sipping a cup of tea. These moments can only be described as beautiful, wonderful, peaceful and makes us feel relaxed, connected, and calm.

However, whatever is happening in the external world that is creating such a response is not the source of those emotions. The situation is just serving as a focal point, concentrating your attention into a single event which causes you to exist in the present moment only.

The curtains of the past and the future drop for a moment, and in that single instance you are fully in the Now, and you get to have a glimpse of your inner world, which cannot be fully described in words but it can surely be felt.

The sunset then exists just as a beautiful backdrop where you can experience yourself. It is beautiful because it is a mirror, reflecting to you the wonder that you are and that can only be experienced in moments of contemplation, silence, and presence.

The same can be said of any external focal point that triggers emotions of awe, wonder and beauty – you are seeing yourself.

Two observers and the waterfall

Consider for example two people standing in front of a large waterfall surrounded by a luscious rainforest, multicolour birds flying around, and the fragrance of flowers and dew in the air. No two observers will have the same reaction to such a magnificent view.

One of the observers has been meditating and it is feeling relaxed, connected, grounded and at peace with herself. The other person, in contrast, is feeling drained, tired, sick and angry. Their mindset is different; the location is the same.

The way they perceive it is going to be different and affected by their inner state.

The person that is having inner struggles is going to have an experience that is clouded by that turmoil already inside of them and that is going to fog their lenses of perception. Most likely, they are going to find that the waterfall is too loud, the jungle too humid, the birds to obnoxious, or the water too cold. This second person is not fully in the present, and the door to their higher consciousness remains closed. Its light cannot be reflected back onto the canvas of the world, therefore they cannot perceive the beauty that surrounds them.

The first person that is present has their inner doors and heart open wide, their mind calm and receptive, and the body at ease, rested and vibrant. The world displays then this different quality.

For the angry person, it is going to take a few days, months, years, or possibly lifetimes to realize that the state they are in can be changed, and a request to change is going to be needed first. You need to desire to want something different. That creates the flow that moves you into removing all obstacles that prevent you from exist fully in the present and create a lasting impact that will allow you to witness your inner world and open the inner gates that reflect that beauty back to you.

The potential is always there, the choice belongs to each one. What is it that you want to create next?