Today is your gift, right now you are The Gift. The act of being here is a present you give yourself; it is a sign to the Universe that you matter, that you care for yourself, that you are sticking to your promise and your word to making changes in the next 12 months.

Let us be here in devotion of that flame that each of you has within, the spark of God, the Universe, the Creative Impulse that animates you, inspires you, and guides you. This message is not something that you cannot know yourself. It reflects the things that you can potentially hear when you allow yourself to sit in that space of being receptive, of allowing whatever needs to surface to come to you. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to exist, a time for prayer. Every moment is ready to be blessed, and it is in blessing the moment that you end up blessing yourself. In blessing others that you bless yourself. It is in blessing the challenges that you end up understanding that the solution is already within you and around you.

Another month has gone by. We assured you that everyone reading this message has moved forward, internally and in the direction of your goals, even if ever so slightly, but that is moving in the right direction. What matters is to keep going, trying, allowing things to evolve around you and inside you. It all starts with one person, then two, three and so forth for a movement to begin, for a revolution to start.

It is not because these messages we are communicating are any more special than other similar channels received around the world. The reason it is going to create an impact is because they may come from each one of you, and each one of you matters in the eyes of God and the Universe. Each life matters. And by changing yourselves you are changing the energy exponentially of the field of interaction you have every day. You are changing and in turn changing those close relationships around you, automatically. By refining your vibration, you are influencing your field.

Even without you even trying, without any effort, you are revolutionizing your lives, and you are changing other people’s lives. You may ask, Am I making an impact? Yes, you are. It does not have to be in a direct way, yet; or in a stage speaking to thousands of people for that impact to be seeing. What matters is that you remain consistent in your commitment to self-improvement: One touches two, two touch four, and the progression continues and radiates outward. People vibrating at the same rate are going to start coming together, finding each other.

You are going to be sharing each other’s gifts, as more and more people understand the importance of bringing forth their most authentic selves. The message to emphasize here is the importance of being diligent in the work and the commitment to changing the parts of yourself that are preventing you from being fully loving, from accessing the wisdom already inside of you, and from stepping into your personal power.  If you feel you are wasting energy feeling like a victim, incapable, and inadequate, let us assure you that you are exactly the opposite.

Inner work requires courage, and not everyone is ready to take responsibility for the effort that it takes. It is easy to give away that power to someone or something, rather than to really own and know what must be done and how to get it done. That requires a next level that can turn your world around. It can transform your current reality into a place of peace and cooperation where the heart is the dominant force, where people can come together in unity and oneness.

The act of waking up does require energy, consistency, practice, dedication, discipline, and organization. But the benefit you get in return is manyfold, over time. The process of waking up, of reclaiming those parts that were given away, of regaining that power and sense of responsibility is a long-term commitment. Do not expect to think that by doing this work for just a few weeks, months, even a few years, you are going to see immediate results.

What you won’t be able to see initially is going to be perceived by how you feel. That is what is keeping those who are doing the work motivated. Physical reality takes longer to reflect the creation that is being put forward - it is just a denser energy. For example, if you want to change the way you look, the body’s shape or size then you exercise, however it still takes a while for volume to change. The same with your inner work, it is about the practice; it is putting the daily effort that eventually is going to give you the desired shape to the inner world that you know is possible within.

Transforming yourself, even though it requires energy and effort, is what’s needed to fulfil the ultimate spiritual goal: Growth. That is the main reason souls incarnate, so that they can put into practice in a tangible reality what needs to be done, what they need to learn, the lessons that need to be covered that it’s going to take them to the next level of soul evolution.

We have said many times that from the soul perspective the situation of the world currently it is exactly where it needs to be, and this can be hard for some to digest initially. How can God allow the atrocities, the injustice, the lies, the unfairness, the deceit that is going rampant in your world? But from spirit’s perspective again, there is always opportunities for maximum growth - that is the end game from a spiritual perspective.

Spirit understands that there is no such a thing as death, as from our perspective we don’t have the same limitations and our blinders are removed. We do not have a veil covering the many realities, the many levels of existence available.

We feel compassion and empathy for your perspective. You might perceive something solely with your senses and from that place you feel separated, individualized, disconnected, trying to make ends meet, and feeling like the world around you is out of your control. You may feel like you cannot make an impact and you are too insignificant to generate change.

We perceived your reality as a chess game, players making moves and counter moves. One opponent uses fear and technology to their advantage, and the other one has at their disposal love and God. The experience of peace, the access to multidimensional wisdom, power, love is something that fear cannot grasp; so, as you see, Earth’s game becomes an even playing field. The potential is with everyone to change the game at any time. We want to assure you that you are fully energized and empowered to play the game and to create a significant impact.

You may ask, how we do go about making a difference, when the ability to reach others is so externally controlled and limited? The first thing we want to emphasize is that it all starts with how you change yourself first. By removing yourself from existing close to the vibration of fear, insecurity, doubt, and transcending emotions that hold you back, you in turn allow more love, wisdom, power, and God’s grace to abide in your heart.

The way this game is going to be won is at the vibrational level, when more and more people wake up, accept, and engage their Real Selves. If each of you knew exactly who you were the game will be over, today! If everyone was to be empowered and fully in their bodies, hearts, and minds, they will understand the oneness in all of this, the oneness in all of creation and they will not tolerate division, separation, and injustice. 

There you have it, there is something you can do, and it starts with the intentions you set every day. In changing yourself, you change your field and affect others. You just need to trust that the process is working as we describe it. The stronger the challenge, the stronger the support.

Do not be discouraged if you find yourself spinning your wheels, taking a step back, feeling like you are failing and not doing it right - it’s all part of the process. It is in making mistakes that we adapt and adjust. What’s important is to keep showing up every day, without losing enthusiasm. Do not get discouraged by the news reports, by the ‘bad’ things seemingly happening around the world, focus on what you can do that is within your reach and power. Such an action is going to bring you peace, tranquility, calm. It’s going to keep you inspired and it’s going to let you know what’s the next step to take, how to take care of yourselves and your families. It will give you clarity and a clear purpose.

As you can see all this work is independent of the external world. That is something that no one can take away from you, and you have the power right now, so exercise it widely and wildly! Show the world that you matter and that you are here to reclaim your power, that you no longer want to be a boat with a broken engine in rough seas. It is time to fire your engines and roar your way out of there. This is a message of hope.

The seed of change is with all of you, and what’s going to start the process of creating that impact outwardly is when you decide that is time to start planting those seeds in fertile ground, as for most of you, the seeds have remained in your pocket. You were waiting for the right opportunity – when is the right time to plant? Years went by, some seeds went bad, however the few seeds left are powerful ones that hold the potential for a magnificent garden, a grandiose tree. We want to encourage each one of you to start planting those seeds. Each one of you knows exactly what those seeds are for, and even if you don’t recall, just start taking the first steps in calling in for help, ask for guidance, ask for a revelation to come to you in a dream, for synchronicity to give you a clue on what’s your next move – the Universe is listening.

It all starts with the Word, as we remind you often, you need to ask, as the Universe respects your Will. By not asking it respects the programming that runs you on autopilot, and such a program is called the Ego. It was designed as a base code running parts of your humanity not yet fully aware or conscious of their power to impact reality. This is great news and it got you to where you are. But now, you are conscious that such a program exists, and as you awake, you become conscious that you are programmers. You have the knowledge and equipment to rewrite that code for something new.

In a way that Ego part loves you and it would love to see you changing it, however it does not make it easy. It wants you to fully own it, it wants you to own the process and be committed. If you are half fast, it is going to take back that energy, because it wants you to survive, it wants you to be in a state of homeostasis, equilibrium - that is its purpose and it’s ok. But the moment you are ready and fully focused, it is going to give you the control back, and then you can become the captain on your ship. That is the goal of all these messages, meditations, contemplations, revelations; the final objective is to return to oneself - that is the ultimate gift you can give to your soul while you in this incarnation. If you can remember, regain, and piece yourself together, that is what’s called enlightenment, self-realization. That’s what the wise man and women, the old sages throughout history have done and have tried to teach. Now, we are trying to make it practical, for a current audience.

You are loved, you are valuable, you matter, and we can see this clearly as we can see through barriers and closed doors. If your shuttlers are still closed you might not be able to see the wealth within, but it is there. We want to show you what’s possible – that is the point of these messages. What’s possible for you, what are you aiming for? We want to show you the top of the mountain, that where the best view is, from the top, are you ready to climb?

All along we have been telling you that you are ready. That you have what you need to make it happen, all you must do is take that first step. This first step is your commitment, your contract with the Universe. All that is expected is that you fulfil it to the best of your ability, and just like any other contract in your physical world, you would not dare to break it, as you know there is a penalty.  The penalty for breaking an inner contract is not eternal condemnation, it is simply an encouragement to return to basecamp and revaluate what you have done or not done. There is no punishment per se, no hell, only the hell you create for yourself.

God and the Universe loves you, the mountain is there, that’s the challenge and there is beauty in it. If it was all perfect then what’s the point, might as well not be incarnated at all. Souls through creation seek for opportunities for maximum potential and nowadays Earth is the hottest commodity. It is where everyone wants to be. All of you were born knowing all the challenges that you will be facing now, just like those born right before the wars, right before the Inquisition and the prosecutions. You all knew the challenges were going to be great and the rewards even greater from the soul perspective.

Bodies pass away, but what remains with your soul is the inner wealth that you accumulate and that you can bring with you when you die. That is true wealth, that makes you a rich woman or a rich man. If you can bring inner treasure with you, that’s true success. If you are in the process of understanding that that is what’s valuable in this lifetime, you are already a successful person, regardless of the size of your bank account or your investments.

Take now what resonates true to your heart and put that energy into practice, accept that is all yours. The only difference between those who cannot access it or cannot have that clear guidance is simply because there is something getting in the way of those messages coming through. There is more static in the reception, and they are not familiar with the fine tuning of searching for the right ‘station’. It is not that you don’t have a ‘radio’ built-in or the right ‘antenna’ to pick up the signals, some of you don’t even know they have a radio, so let’s start there. 

We remind you - you do have a radio, a receptor - an what you are doing as you wake up is becoming more conscious in realizing how to use it, what’s it for, and what kind of messages are going to come through. That is a magical moment of high expectation, like when you get a new toy, and you knew it was for you, but you did not know quite how to get to it. However now you are slowly discovering that there is something inside, a piece of the puzzle that is only yours to play, to use.

It all starts with the intention of wanting to go there, asking, praying, requesting and the Universe will respond. You need to exercise your free will so that the Universe know what you are ready for, and the Universe will be stepping and engaging those energies to bring you what you are desiring. We ask you to be very clear and intentional about what’s that you want to create. Please do not leave it up to random anymore, there is a program for that. Ego will gladly run the ‘Random code’ if it must.

There is always a fall-back plan, and you are safe, nonetheless. Even if you try and you think you failed, you are safe. If you tried and you move two steps forward and one back, you are still safe but now you have gained some terrain. One day you will move two steps and remain there – that is sweet victory! That it’s going to the give you confidence to continue - that’s progress, slowly but consistently.

We are honoured to be in the presence of Masters, it is your birthright, we are not less than who you are, we are all equal, the same – the only difference is again our point of view. As your view is different you might thing yourself different, but you are not, so take our word for it.

As you continue the process of self-discovery and remembering, you will start to unearth those jewels, those gems waiting to be excavated within. Give yourself the chance to at least be curious about what lies inside. That is the best gift you can give the world at this point, the best gift to give your family, children, and community, those who you love and care for. They want to see You and see you shine and own your light; that’s how you are going to influence and make an impact.

We love you very much and thank you for the opportunity to allow us to speak once more. We exist within you; we exist in your heart. Your guides are within you; they exist in your heart. Call upon them often, you are not alone. You don’t have to do this alone; you can engage their expertise. Again, you need to ask, and they will come, they are always there.

Let divine light shine upon you, activating, engaging, awakening the light of the master than you are. Thanks for coming together in community, in friendship, and in Oneness.