There is no point in seeking what has not been lost. In beginning such a meaningless search, we run the risk of losing ourselves.

It is very easy to get distracted, entertained, and addicted to quick, short-term pleasures that give the mind and body seemingly a break from having to engage in personal transformation, but such an indulgent vices are guided by the ego’s desire to keep to its prime directive of survival and comfort.

If the ego agrees on you going on a quest is because it has calculated that the odds of you returning empty handed are pretty high, therefore there is no risk to the system. However when the intention of transformation is serious, purposeful and clear the ego starts to panic and deploys its full arsenal in an attempt to stop such a heretic behaviours, thoughts or actions. It wants to remind you of the risks involved with getting involved with the unknown, the untested, the experimental. In that territory, the ego’s power is minimal and there exists the possibility of a breakthrough in the direction of discovering that what you think you are seeking cannot exist outside of yourself anywhere or with anyone. It is already a place you own, a gift you possess, a treasure you are entitled to, a house that is your original home. Moreover, finding is recognizing, remembering, recovering, re-encountering a part of self, the only Real part of self that is who you are.

In finding who you are you obtain the keys to your own salvation, or in other words – in re-establishing that inner connection with the source of your being you are saved from living in illusions and imaginary short-lived realities provided by the ego with the function to keep you ‘safe’ when, in reality, has kept us disconnected, separated from the ultimate truth that we are One.

All of creation sings to the same tune, we all vibrate at the frequency of Love as our base resonance, that is the reality of our core self – we are Love, and therefore it is ours to give freely and we have what it takes to receive it abundantly also.

Love is the ultimate medicine against spiritual amnesia and forgetting our true nature. In feeling and giving love, we are giving what we are, a selfless sign of service, and in doing so we are activating a memory in others to the realization that this is what they are as well.

Love heals - it is the only 'drug' that will get you inoculated against the illness of thinking you are alone, isolated from God and the universal pulse of creation.

Love is the field that surrounds and animated us, it is the intelligent frequency that informs and supports all realities and gives life.

Love is what you will find if you dare to seek!