Forward movement requires the letting go of whatever is pushing in the opposite direction. At the very least, holding your secret ground is desired to continue the evolution towards a heart-based consciousness on this planet. This shift would allow humanity to move together as ONE people and heal all differences.

The invitation this week is to really feel whatever energies are surfacing for you at this point.

This past week, a vibrational avalanche washed over and through the whole planet. It forced the removal of many coping mechanisms that was preventing humans to really observe part of themselves that had remained disowned, forgotten, and repressed. This influx of energy is placing the ‘dirty laundry’ on top of the table to be dealt with, so to speak. Light is fully illuminating all shadows.   

Now that those inner crutches are not in placed and cannot longer support us the same way, many are feeling like they have been pushed outside of their comfort zone. It’s critical to understand that is exactly this ‘comfort zone’ that needs to be dismantled by the inner and outer struggles experienced currently at a personal and global level.

As a species, humanity became complacent with the established status quo and many avoided looking at areas where there was injustice, pain, and suffering, even inside of themselves. It is only when this zone can dissipate that we can observe what’s impeding our progress and soul advancement, allowing us to truly liberate ourselves to be our best version.

Everything that in the past provided a sense of safety, comfort, coziness, warmth, protection, and preservation is being challenged. Those constructs became obstacles that prevented people from experiencing their true nature.

Humanity is called now to look at its darkness. Each human’s wickedness is reflected in the mirror. Either we try to run away, hide, and suppress what we see, or we can take honest account and take full responsibility for our inner situation. No wonder the war in Europe erupted at this precise time too.

The world reflects our collective struggle. In the same way that it can project our collective enlightenment.