There is a flame inside each human being that sustains and enlivens the body, mind, and heart. This is the spark of life that some called God, and that is not affiliated with any religion in particular. It is simply the experience of creation, the force that keeps life energized, and to whom all should eventually return.

This force pours into the world like a waterfall, a torrent that refreshes and revitalizes those who are ready to receive and bathe under its stream. Humanity is thirsty, but fails to perceive and realize that the source that quenches all thirst is right inside of them. All have access to this cascading energy called God, as the energy that gives life is this energy itself.

Life would not exist without God breathing energy into it. God and each human are one and inseparable. The source and destination are the same; creator and creation are one.

When humans pray to a higher power for support, healing, and help, they are in actuality praying to themselves, and it is the force of God, channeled inside of them that eventually creates the miracles and answers all petitions.

God is not some old man existing in a throne separated from humanity - that is a concept imagined by the ego mind that stands in separation. The heart sees this creative force as all-permeating, all-encompassing. It is the liquid that all life is in, the water where the fish swim. Without this substance, there will be suffocation and eventually death.

Prayer sends a clear message into this substance and changes the vibration by allowing limitation and blinders to be removed. When this happens then the force of life that is always present can be allowed to descent and touch people in a way that heal them and transforms them anew.

Humans in a way are co-creators, made in the image of the creative impulse. They can manifest a new life right in this moment by just commanding the statement and choosing, visualizing something new. The choice has always been available, however humans remain stuck because of ignorance of this very fact.

Humanity can break free from binding habits and become aware, conscious of the patterns that keep them stuck in a life of suffering, energy depletion and fear.