Ego has convinced us that’s painful to take responsibility for our inner state of consciousness as this would require observing parts of self that have been disowned, condemned, and forgotten. Opening this ‘Pandora’s box’ would require the need to address painful memories, bad choices, acts of self-hatred, abuse, broken dreams, addictions, trauma and so forth. To the ego this inner self inquiry is unacceptable as it would force the person to question if where they are is where they really want to be.

Ego dislikes the limelight of awareness. It prefers to do its cunning work without been seen, revealed, discovered, pointed at, or figured out. It discourages any conflict that is going to generate questions and potentially awaken the person to other perspectives of reality.

Ego rather prefers we are in a constant state of hypnosis and oblivious to the fact that to be fully alive we need feel fully empowered. It is easier to give our power away to external authorities to watch and take care of us, but in the process, we become infantilized and lose our autonomy, freedoms, and independence.

The ego is a virtual construct and not a real entity with any kind of power. It feeds on our power. It can be compared to a computer program or algorithm and its code can run our lives in Autopilot. This setting gets triggered when our surroundings and circumstances are too demanding to be handled and therefore, we disconnect and disassociate from our body, mind, and emotions. Ego runs the show when we panic and shut out all feelings and connection to self and others.

The ego is meant to be a servant and not a master. It’s an automaton designed to handle for us mundane tasks, not all tasks.

Our life is like an aircraft. It has an autopilot option, but there is always a pilot on board. If the pilot is rendered unconscious for some reason, then it is useful to have the automatic code to fly the plane for a while. However, if the pilot never wakes up, the plane will eventually run out of fuel and not even the onboard computer can prevent a fatal crash. Ego is not smart enough to land safely!

Life was never meant to be this way and it is inviting us to wake up, to look around and take the ‘controls’ back. No longer can we expect the autopilot or the control tower to oversee our direction and destination, as oftentimes, the information they can provide is focused on their perspective and not about where the pilot wants to go.

Only when we are in control of our craft, we have total command over our decisions and how those impact our actions, behaviours, and feelings.