Every month you gather to celebrate one more cycle of the moon around the planet. It's an important occasion to observe the cycles of life. It reminds you that life is a flow. Life is movement. For movement to exist cycles need to occur. The current cycle is never the same as the one before. Cycles look more like spirals; ever expanding, growing, adapting, and shifting dimensionally

Let's celebrate the cycles of life, death, and rebirth; and not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally. Be aware of personal cycles that need to end today and cycles that need to begin. What are some ongoing larger cycles that are beneficial that you want to maintain? Let's feed cycles that support you and disconnect from the cycles that disempower you. It's all about returning to the basics. It all began with one cycle, which in turn generated another one and so forth, creating independent, ever-expanding cycles. Cycles are alive!

Have you ever wondered why water needs to be in constant motion to remain vibrant? If it stops moving it becomes stagnant. The same with energy, as a cycle is energy in motion. It requires to be moving from one place to another, from one moment in time to another, from one dimensional state to another to support, generate, and maintain life.

Energy can remain in a state of non-motion without losing any of his properties. It just transforms itself from one state to the next, from movement to non-movement. However, the energy stored has potential, ready to be used when the next cycle begins. That's why it is often said that as a spiritual being you are eternal, for surely you are, as you are energy vibrating at an infinite rate; sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes still. The intelligence, vibration and frequency remain no matter the state. It's all about conservation.


Cycles create life

Today we want to discuss these cycles, which you all go through that allows you to expand, maintain and sometimes contract as necessary, depending upon the life experience and the lessons in front of you.

Human life is the compilation of many cycles interacting to form the single being that you are. Energy upon energy moving, flowing, rotating, radiating, expressing itself at multiple levels and at the same time. That's why human life is so complex, it cannot just be defined in simple terms. It requires analysis from different perspectives and points of view because that's what you are: different viewpoints collecting, transmitting energy and information from inside you into your environment and from your environment back inside.

Life is a conversation. It is a dialogue between the being that’s observing and play field of creation. Creative power is energetic information transmitted into the environment that takes shape to become physical and intangible. However, it all starts from within you as a cycle of energy, a vibration, a thought, an idea. Each of those is a cyclical movement that gathers, conserves, and then gives energy freely as required.

This is the same pattern that is experienced at a larger, macrocosmic scale. Planets, stars, and all celestial bodies follow the same rules. They follow cyclical trajectories in their journeys of learning, expansion, interaction, and ascension, for they are alive as well, they just manifest themselves in a different way, at a higher level and frequency. Everything in this universe is alive and it's looking for expression.

You are gathering to celebrate the cycle of the moon around the planet and every year you gather to celebrate the cycle of the planet around your star. The next cycle is the solar system around your galaxy and then the movement of the galaxy around the cluster and so forth ever expanding, always learning, always gathering information that gets transmitted upwards and downwards. All life benefits from the data received. That’s the beauty of the cycles. It's a data gathering mechanism. It is how the universe learns about itself and expands and shares that knowledge with his creation.

This is the reason why every organism, every entity alive has access to the whole. All the information that a star might know, that a galaxy might know, that a planet might know, a human is going to know. Even animals and plants have access as well. A microscopic entity will have access to that intelligence and the reason for this is because we are one single entity, one single organism. There is no distinction between all of us.

That is what the universe it's all about. That’s how the universe can be described, as one living entity with each of us, each individual living being connected, influencing, learning, supporting, the larger self. That is the experience of God as we see it, therefore each of us, those speaking right now, those listening, those reading, we are an expression of that God force, a universal energy of love, gratitude, and forgiveness. We are expressions of the same energy, vibrating as one. As one learns the others ascend.


God is the ultimate cycle

God is the absolute cycle and we are part of that ultimate expression in an endless loop we call creation. God experiencing herself, himself, themselves, itself. It is all encompassing that’s why it's hard to describe it with just one single pronoun. It impacts everything, all that is ever been, and all that will always be is that energy. It's hard to describe in words, it can only be felt. If you were to feel it, the best way to describe it is that you could feel the heaviness of the whole universe in your body. In the body it feels like you are filled with weight, mass, and energy.

Imagine all the intelligence ever created contained in a sphere that can be held in your arms and fits inside your palms. Just think how condensed that would be and how heavy would that feel. It's like trying to hold onto a black hole, highly condensed energy in one single point in time and space. But this is not the black hole that is destructive in nature, this is the kind of black hole that is all-inclusive. The moment it destroys itself it gives birth to itself. Immediately after it dies just to be born again. From that perspective, at that speed, human death and even life become an illusion as it makes up but a small fraction of this cycle. A lifetime that lasts 100 years in human terms is but a split second from the perspective of the larger view.

The ultimate reality is the cycle of oneness, the ying and yang energy vibrating at such a great rate of speed that it feels like it is not even there. It is so fast and condensed that it ceases to exist from the perspective of an observer, and it becomes a void, an emptiness: the Tao. The Tao is an attempt to describe what is there but cannot be perceived. the ultimate experience of God. The ultimate cycle.


Cycles unite

We have attempted to explain the small cycles, as well as hinting at the ultimate larger cycle. What you call your human life, the experience of God, the experience of a planet, the experience of a star, the experience of an animal, it is all connected by these cycles. They all share the same movement. Live is the common denominator. Oneness is the only and ultimate existence. We cannot be separated from each other. We cannot separate ourselves from the creative force, from the spirit world, from the natural world, from the macroscopic and microscopic worlds. We are all intimately connected.

The invitation is to be mindful of what those cycles look like for you personally. What cycles you want to maintain that are nourishing, nurturing, and supporting you? What cycle would you like to start anew? It is important to replace old energy with new, if not empty space is replaced by default and automatically on your behalf. That's why it's important to avoid having lose ends and never leave them unattended, because potentially undesirable energies might get attracted to those ends without you being aware of it. Be conscious of where your energy is going, where your energy is coming from, and support what is supporting you.


Earth cycle is transforming

Your planet is going through a big cycle of change and all humans are being affected at a personal level in one way or another. We just want to remind you that again is a cycle that has been seen before and a cycle that will be seen again. The only thing that makes this current cycle special is the perspective from the point of view of the observers and participants. This unique blend or combination has never existed before. That's why we said that the energy of the cycles moves in a spiral fashion. We have been in this spot before, but always at a different level. Something else was experienced last time around when we crossed this point. And something else will experience in the future. It will be observed with different lenses and from a different point of view. Therefore, events are never the same, as there is no point for the universe to have redundancies. It is always looking for maximum growth and maximum efficiency. 

Even though a few weeks ago the moon was full, this time around is in a different spot within the scale of the galaxy. Cycles move in spirals, and so are your human energy fields. What you think is moving in a circular fashion and returning to the point of origin, it just an emanation from the source outwards. That is true with your energy centres and meridians. Remember you're a combination of multiple cycles that make up the being that you are.

Look at the cycles that you want to maintain, end, and begin. We are asking you to recall the being that who you are, and in doing so you're going to be conscious of creating a self that is in alignment with your power, purpose, mission, and soul contracts. Change the being that you are now into the being that you want to become. Energy is the technology of spirit. It is the interface you need to change yourself. It's already within.

We'll see you in the next cycle; for the next cycle will arrive. The question is - would you show up? More importantly, what being would be there to meet us again?