Taking any first step requires confidence and courage because it is not known what’s to follow.

It is in your human nature to be afraid of what’s to follow. That’s why taking that first step, speaking that first word, taking that first action brings up fear. It is alright to let that part of your nature be, because in the past it was a necessary trait to have. It was important to be discerning of the unknown and to avoid taking a step that was going to cost you your life.

Deeply ingrained inside each of you, at the DNA level there is still that fear, that you could be wrong and mistaken. However, it is this fear that prevents you from opening up to possibilities. It is in your nature and genes, still, are you going to let that stop you?

That’s where Free Will comes in. You can choose to be stopped on your tracks even before beginning your journey or you can choose to stay, even with your limitations and say: “I choose to continue forward, I choose to trust that I am protected, that I am well served by the Universe. I am supported and I am shown exactly the next step at the right time. I am taken to the right place, the right circumstances and people so I can establish a node in time and space to anchor energy”.

This anchor is a ‘marker’ called confidence. It is achieved by having taken the steps, having connected with the people, and having taken the clues and the cues. It is a flag you place on the ground that provides you with the experience and the knowledge of what you did to earn it. All it takes is to be willing to have the willingness to use your will to let yourself be taken there.


You cannot expect to know what that marker is going to look like and where is going to be placed. If you expect to know that ahead of time, before getting out of your house, you are breaking the magic spell before it even begins to activate in the Universe, take hold and interact with you to guide you where you need to be.

These markers are a possibility for each one of you, if you allow yourself to trust, that you will be shown the steps, in the direct order to get you there. There are many markers that can be encountered through your life. As you obtain a marker, imagine the level of assurance and power you will feel within yourself, knowing that you have trusted this guidance. That is a marker worth having, because it would have arrived with ease and grace by the flow of the universe alone and by the way you interacted with that flow. That is inner peace, love, happiness, creativity, and creation at its best. You created that marker, it is yours forever.

As you own and accept that it just happened and that you now own a ‘marker’, you marvel at the events that took place that took you there, then you can ask for what’s next.  You say: “Universe, I open myself up, I open my heart, mind, body, all my energies to accept what is already mine. I am grateful and thankful for what I have received to be here, ready for the next step, show me the next marker, I am ready to move there”, and so it shall happen, so you shall receive. 

All you must do is get yourself out of the way. You don’t know where the marker is so why do you think you can take the steps to get there on your own, it does not make sense. However, the Universe with its multidimensional qualities has access to the big picture, it can see through walls, through blockages, that’s why it can direct you, perfectly.

The Universe is the only perfect thing that humans can experience, everything else is imperfect, impermanent, immaterial, and transient. Trust the perfection that is guiding you - why force it and think that you might know better.

We know, this conversation triggers your human nature. It triggers the ego part, the part the judges and offers final verdicts. The part that’s always chatting and talking. This is the voice that most humans are used to listening to. It is obsessed with keeping you alive, safe, in a place of certainty. It is not interested in taking risks or exploring. It is never going to take you on a quest of discovery. It is the part of you that thinks it knows best. 

The ego is meant to be your assistant as it is good at carrying on tasks, keeping tabs, providing reminders, and recalling your to-do lists and appointments. It is closer to a computerized servant that is programmed to be very responsive and alert, so use it for that purpose.

If the ego is the only voice that you listen and obey, over time it severs the link that you have with the rest of the Universe, with your true inner guidance. Therefore, it is imperative to detach from it so that you can listen to you real self. This real Voice is experienced during meditation or any other transcendental experiences.

When you commune with that higher part of yourself, your real self, you are tuned in. Your higher GPS activates and that is the inner guidance we are talking about that is going to take you to the markers, one after the other.

To activate and hear this guidance, you must make the voice of your Real Self the only companion that you listen, instead of the ego voice. You are good at listening to the ego voice, the part that wants you safe. As this is the part you have been listening to since childhood and you knew no better. You thought it was you - your identity, your persona. That voice kept you small and occasionally cheered you up, but for the most part it was mostly somber, cautious, and preventing you from really expanding yourself.

It is time know to announce to your ego that you are moving on a different journey, that you are exploring a new connection, a stronger relationship with a different part of yourself. Let it know that it can remain a useful tool, but you won’t be listening to it for advice again, instead you are focusing on hearing the voice of your real self only. This act alone will take you back into a place of possibilities, but it is going to require trust and faith, which can only be built with experience. 

We invite you to be patient with yourself. If faith is not strong or fully built yet, we understand that you might not feel comfortable or confident enough to allow God and the Universe to take over. However, when you do, you would be allowing true magic to be revealed.