Column I

Dear ones, I am your brother Jeshua, I love you. My presence is always in your present. I support you, as you boldly step into your mission every day. I am the courage and the resilience that is vested upon you in times of weakness. I am the love that is poured over your being as a cascade of blessings. I am the light that walks alongside your light and together we endeavour to ignite others who are ready and hungry for the meals of wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

You are here to help elevate the vibratory rate of the consciousness on earth. You are a unique and indispensable part of God’s grandiose plan. Be happy and excited to wake up every day and know that you are an active participant. Your light is your most valuable possession. It is what makes the real you. This force is sought after by parasitic entities that cannot have access any longer to their own fountain of light, as they have chosen to close their hearts in favour of experiencing what it is to fall into darkness. These beings rely on stealing light substance from others to exist. Rest assured that if your energy field remains grounded on Mother Earth and elevated to be attuned to the Will of the Father, your vibration will be high enough to evade any thieves. In a way, your luminosity will turn you invisible to their gaze. This is the reason why the wellbeing of your field is of outmost importance. It is your light that is carrying this planet into the higher octaves of consciousness. You are assisting the ascension process by literally being a ‘Pillar of Light’. You are holding the Christ awareness that is currently bathing your planet. You are dropping the weight of the old paradigm in favour of supporting a lighter perspective where oneness is paramount.

Collectively, you are raising the levels of awareness on the planet. You are erecting the roof of awareness in the cathedral of consciousness. The columns raise up in height, size, and capacity. Each person, whether they are aware of it or not, constitutes one of these pillars. Just by existing in human form, your vibrational signature makes up the structure of each column. Every day, when you wake up, you are immediately in service to the collective by the quality of your field. This is most fundamental level of service you provide. Your energy is necessary for human awakening to continue. Furthermore, you increase your field capacity by being aware of this process, aware of your authentic self-identity, aware of your spiritual connections to each other and to God. You become aware of what I call your God-Self, another fancy name to indicate your higher or infinite self. This is your real identity. You are God. Your part of His energy: you swim in His waters, fly in His atmosphere, and breath His air. There is nothing you can be that God is not. You and Him are inseparable. You are God aware of Self. This self-realization is the biggest gift you can offer the Father.

Your field or column of consciousness is fed by the sun star in your heart. Your heart is the compass that leads you straight to the Will of God. His Will cannot be found in the mind – here is where the individual will reside – the ego. By aligning with the Will of God, you automatically start to live from a place of oneness in the heart centre. The secret is to learn to bring into coherence your individual self with your God-Self so they can work as one. You are everything, even ego. The ego is meant to serve the heart. When this takes place, your column of light grows wider and taller, lifting your awareness higher as well as the collective.

By following the Will of God in your heart space, you expand your column and shine brighter than your sun. You in turn emanate vibrations of total, pure, absolute love and burn away anything that prevents this light from shining through. Spiritual progress is not about getting rid of your burdens by means of pretending they're not there. It’s about shining the fires of your consciousness so intensely, that all your burdens burn away – the way the saints did it. They focused and prayed on being the Love of God only, above all else; that's what they eventually became. God your Will, not mine! Focus your attention on this statement and see where it leads. It will open the doors of the heart where your God-Self resides and guide you decisively into action with your mind, emotions, and hands. It will expand the levels of service you already provide. The Will of God will reveal what to do and how to do it; most importantly, why to do it. Let life take care of the things you cannot control and let the love of God through His Will show you what you're capable of.