Dear ones, my love is with you always in your heart. You carry all the love of the universe; therefore, I abide in your heart centre, and this is the voice of guidance you receive today. The voice, the messages are constantly flowing out of the heart into your field of energy to be received by your non-physical senses first, followed by your physical perceptions. If your field is cluttered, congested, and clogged, the transmission will be muffled at best, or completely blocked at worst. 

To partake of these messages, your field needs to exist in a quiet state of rest, like the undisturbed surface of a lake at dawn. In that receptive state, any bit of wind, or leaf falling on the water is going to create a pattern that will expand, and if you're perceptive, it will indicate that movement has been introduced. If in turn, this wave pattern is embedded with data and information that the receiver can pick up, decode, and transform, then a communication can be established. This process requires the medium or field to be as calmed as possible, for if it is noisy and disturbed by many inputs, the incoming heart wave is going to be lost and imperceptible.

What's the state of your energetic field at this moment? Can you perceive it as a clear surface that allows inner messages to be conducted and received clearly, or is it chaotic? As a sovereign being, you are fully responsible for the condition of the surfaces of your field, even if your environment and living conditions are strenuous and challenging. It is up to you to dictate if any busy incoming frequencies are going to disturb your “inner waters”. Your attitude is always in your complete control by what you allowed to penetrate and reside in your field. Love is a constant in your life. It is what sustains and enlivens you, and it is always communicating, but it requires the willingness to maintain the channels open. If this is not the case, you are kept alive by default and can miss on becoming an active participant in your own life.

Mission to serve

You came in with a well-defined mission and purpose, and that is exactly what the love waves from the heart are trying to convey. It wants to show you the path of least resistance for you to step in and fulfill your mission. It is always speaking and trying to get your attention. It is the voice of your conscience. It knows exactly the steps you need to take to ground a life of meaningful service. Often, this voice gets diluted in the cacophony of other signals bombarding your field, which pretend they are your real inner voice of guidance, and when you follow them, it leads to a dead-end where you feel depleted, depressed, and defeated. It takes courage to acknowledge this mechanism and choose to turn around and walk yourself out of that predicament, as you know there is something else you came here to be part of. Eventually, with experience, those external impostors become well known, as they don't possess the signature of loving service that your true spiritual mission strongly possesses.

As his spiritual beings, you are in human form to grow through how you serve. That is the highest calling a soul can aspire to. The messages of the heart possess a natural resonance and this unmistakable imprint permits you to discern between truth and falsehood. As you become adept at recognizing the voice of the heart, it becomes the voice you follow more often. It is in following this path that confidence is built, as you gain proof that where it leads is a place of expansion, connection, cooperation, and unity. In this divine path you live to create support structures that benefit the evolution of your fellow beings. It provides feedback that opens your heart further and reinforces the messages coming through, which get stronger, clearer, and better defined. It becomes a self-feeding loop that permits your soul to advance alongside other beings who you are supporting with your love, ethics, and integrity. This is the highest calling for a human being - to live a life in favor to others. In doing so, the heart opens to such a degree that it explodes into a supernova and ignites your field with fiery intensity and turns the person into a living incarnation of pure love.

Love is the path and the destination; the alpha and the Omega; the beginning to all ends. You are powerful and in full faculty to remove all that blocks this ultimate love force to be the only vibration you are and can become. Much love!