Greetings beloved ones! I go by many names. Names are just labels that hold an imprint of the energy of the host. It is an energy that is neutral. Therefore, labels that can be assigned to my energy are inconsequential and do not affect the being that I am. The same can be said of my Father, the Creative Energy, God. However, you want to call that source vibration, it is up to you. Whatever resonates with your heart is what you need to call that energy. It is a personal choice. Do not be influenced by your culture, your religions, or an established way of thinking that applies definitions that might not be accurate for your perceptions and might not be the way it is for you.

Inspiring labels resonate

I invite you to empower yourself with the act of choosing. How are you going to engage with the energies that affect you and that are known to you? How are you going to engage with the energies being revealed and with some you are yet to understand? Find labels that have deep meaning for you. In adopting a label that is commonly used, the initial vibration and intention that is meant to represent might have gotten lost. By the time that vibration makes it to the to the individual, to the person that is supposed to inspire, unfortunately the initial imprint has dissolved and disappeared. All that is received is just mere words, simple words without deep meaning and might not touch the soul in a significant way. This is the usually encountered in doctrines throughout the world. Labels and its meanings have been presented in same way for hundreds of years without change or adaptation. It has become a repetition of words and sermons that have lost all spiritual meaning.

As you wake up and engage the new energies that are flooding the planet as we speak, you're going to be presented with the choice of reclaiming and assign value to what resonates with you. Why are we talking about labels and what they represent? It's important to understand that all labels you hold are going to have to go through a very serious and meticulous scrutiny, and that includes the definition of who you are, your personality, character, the traits you present to the world, what you do, what you have done, what you have a studied where you work, and so forth. All labels will need reviewing and revising. In doing so, you will recognize what's worth keeping. What is truly in alignment with the person you are becoming. Whatever it is not, it can easily be let go and surrender, as it no longer serves a spiritual purpose.

Evolving by choice

You are in the process of evolving and transforming yourselves at the DNA and molecular level. Your biology is being transformed. You are in a way mutating into a new being, a new species, so to speak. To facilitate this process, whatever it is old, inactive, inert, and it is no longer contributing to these new awakening, it is no longer necessary for you to carry. In the days, weeks, and months to come, you're going to be encouraged to take inventory of what is that you want to continue carrying with you and what you can let go. What you decide to carry rest assured that it is going to be in alignment with the person you're evolving to be. You will know, your intuition will tell you, and it will make sense. It will fill you with joy and excitement to keep those parts of yourself, and that is your indication that those are parts worth keeping, those parts of your identity are matching the definition of the person you truly are. Your name, profession, titles, education, and relationships might change. At the same time, you might discover new ways of serving; new ways of giving and receiving; new ways of attracting wealth; new ways of expressing your creativity; new ways of relating to yourself, others and the Creator; new ways of opening yourself up to your spiritual and galactic heritage; new ways of accessing your wisdom; new ways of allowing unconditional love to flow from your heart; new ways of finding and given expression to your ideas; new ways of treating your body and taking control over your health; new ways of dealing with your emotions; and new ways of managing fear and anxiety. These are a few examples of the elements that you may encounter in the years ahead. We want to reassure you that it is alright to change, adapt, evolve, be flexible, to let go what is not working and was holding you back, and embrace new possibilities. That's how all species and organisms grow - by changing. How else can a child turn into an adult? If it's not by growing in size, knowledge and wisdom. For your growth in consciousness, you must be able to let go of those elements that are blocking your true expression and authenticity, so you are able to shine through, connect with others, and be a healing blessing to the world.

Healers stepping out of the box

This process of evolution is a revolution of consciousness. You are no longer going to be the same that you were five or ten years ago. Looking back, you will see and not being able to recognize the person you were, for you would have changed dramatically, and that is something to look forward to. For this transformation is a remembrance, an acknowledgement, an acquiring of the gifts that are yours to possess, but that you have been unaware you had. As you let your consciousness expand and become more inclusive, you will become aware of these dormant traits that are the gift of our Father, your birthright to use as tools of healing for yourself, others, and the planet.

The new consciousness is going to reveal that humanity is a collective of healers. In healing themselves, the culture, and the planet, that healing is going to project throughout the cosmos. Don't assume that the reach of your transformation is only local, for it is far reaching. Millions of beings and entities throughout the Galaxy are watching, observing, and cheering you on your progress. For truly the light is shining brightly on your planet Earth today! Many more individuals are waking up every day. They start remembering there is something more than what they used to do - running around chasing their own tail. This path is no longer fulfilling or relevant. They can finally raise up and realize that there is more than the chase. There is more to this small world they had created. They had placed themselves in a small box, when the world is more expensive, beautiful, and magical. This reality was waiting for them right outside the boundaries and confines of this box. In looking up, they realized that the box was open at the top, and it has always been. Humanity was living in a self-inflicted cage. You were always free to step out of it, and all we needed to do was to look in a different direction, rather than in the direction you were raised to follow. Large numbers of humans are stepping out of that box and into the meadows and gardens outside. Their faces lit with bright light, warm by the sun, smelling the fresh air, drinking the crystalline water, eating the sweet fruit. Dear ones, this is a metaphor for the plane you're heading. As you start becoming more confident, you start remembering more of your true lineage, of who you are, what you are here to create, and the immense power you hold. All this and more is yours, wonderful loved ones.  

The power to ascend

In letting go of those parts that no longer serve you and there are irrelevant, you remove the burden that you have been carrying and the weight that has been dragging you down. With a lighter body you can look up and perceive the firmament above you, one you may have never witnessed or experienced before because you never had the chance to look any other way but sideways or downwards. You're regaining your freedom. You are masters of your own salvation by the actions you take, by letting go what no longer serves you, and by nurturing what is benefiting you, what is opening your heart, and what is feeding you. Have the courage to look forward knowing that your victory is guaranteed. As you continue to do your work, do your part, do your best in serving others, and helping others, you will be in alignment with the divine plan for you. As you do this you will be in agreement with your sacred contracts - what you wanted to do in this lifetime. But it can only become conscious when you are willing to accept the Call and accept the instructions and communications that flow down and into you.

Beloved ones, this is not the first time humanity has gone through this process. This planet has seen enlightenment, self-realization of their inhabitants before. Therefore, the planet, the mother, she knows what she needs to do and she's going to make sure her children are well protected in this new wave of ascension. For ascension is state of mind, it’s a state of heart, it’s new way of perceiving reality from the lenses of unity, from oneness, from togetherness, and from inclusivity. You no longer can support separation or fear. For they can only exist where there is lack of faith. I walk alongside with you. You are not alone. Your guides and helpers are always ready to act and ready to instruct you. All you must do is ask and be receptive to accept a response back. That is the way you can guarantee that you're in alignment with what God has planned for you, so that your will is the Will of Our Father. With great reverence and love I depart for now. Know that I'm your friend and your brother. I love you!