We are all born with a special frequency and resonance. At the moment of birth, the consciousness our soul is bringing is not tainted yet by the culture and the environment around it. At that precise moment we are resonating with pure innocence and love. We are carrying the original energy signature from our pre-birth state. No wonder our birthday is such a joyous occasion that gets celebrated every year for the rest of our lives. We are in fact celebrating the precise moment when the most amazing spiritual love blessed the Earth.

We are so attracted to babies, and it feels so good to be around them. They emanate a wonderful frequency that is so replenishing and nurturing to be around. What we are perceiving reflects the love that they and we are. Babies remind us of what some of us have forgotten: that we come from love, and we are love.

No matter what you grew up to be and your life circumstances, even if you made bad choices and continue to make them, at our core, we are innocent and vibrate at the speed of love. We get glimpses of this truth when we are in the presence of someone we love, like our children, spouses, or parents, for example. We show our best in their presence and together we enjoyed a magical moment of fellowship and connectedness.

I believe the consciousness of love that babies bring and reflect for us never truly disappears. It is always there, in the background of our lives, waiting to be remembered, recognized, and reclaimed as the only consciousness we choose to follow, and that is meant to replace any other existing consciousness that might be ego-based and divisive.

As we do our inner work and become ever cleaner and lighter, that love consciousness surfaces and becomes stronger, until one day it becomes dominant. It becomes our unity consciousness, a way of being aware that we are all one human family expressing ourselves in millions of different ways.

Enlightenment is simply an acceptance of the fact that what we are can only be rediscovered, so it becomes the only identity we acknowledge and manifest in the world. This occurs when we allow our heart-based, spiritual self to guide the way and inform our actions and thoughts. As we do this collectively, the world will be transformed into a realm of absolute peace.

"We are born of love; Love is our mother." - Rumi