Everyone is destined to return to their real selves - to activate the inner connection with their divine essence and source. The journey back - to stop the thoughts and behaviours that separate and disconnect - is the purpose of the lifetimes. The objective is to foster a state of being that get us closer to our divine God spark within.

This divine essence is our temple (church), the inner altar, our personal Garden of Eden from which we expelled ourselves eons ago and to where we are destined to return.

We removed our Minds (Adam) and Hearts (Eve) from this inner garden and willingly chose to exist separated and isolated. This set the ego into existence, not as a real entity, but as a concept that described the 'rapture', the fall from grace, the expulsion from paradise. 

The ego keeps humans outside this garden of eden, stuck in survival on the barren lands, in hungry country, in a territory full of constant attachments, wants, anxieties and fear.

Inside the Eden, all our needs were met and our desires instantly fulfilled. Our original, natural nourishment come from this garden - no wonder there are many starving souls, always trying to recreate externally the paradise we forgot and that we long for internally. All these attempts are unsuccessful. 

We can have the money and time to build a home that's well furnished, perfectly landscaped, comfortable and lavished, but all those possessions don't come even close to their internal equivalent. No wonder why in general people with lots of external wealth have such a hard time with their emotions and feelings, as they have come to depend so strongly on their external manifestations that their inner connection gets neglected. This is the main cause of despair, depression and suicides.

Transformation and enlightenment is a personal process, and as more people access and remember their inner source of wealth, their collective communities will be impacted and the world can be changed a person at the time.