A beautiful flower can better be appreciated when our heart is open and connected to our spiritual Self. Flowers contain subtle energies and essences, which produce an enhanced conscious state where the gift of beauty appreciation is greatly magnified.

Every time you stop and smell the roses, what you are doing is entering a state of mind similar to that found in meditation. In this state of perception, your mind is cleared away of intruding thoughts and enters a sense of balance, peace and quietness. In those short moments when the flower is truly appreciated with all your senses, you as a whole are transported to a sacred place. In this enhanced state of consciousness, humans are able to set intentions more clearly, increasing the changes of spontaneous manifestation.

When we admire beauty around us, we become conscious and awaken creators in a complete understanding that our mind is in 'potential' mode, waiting to unleash the reserves of mastery and manifestation that we all possess.

Just like a flower facilitates the admiration of its beauty by displaying attracting colours and offering tantalizing fragrances, every piece of nature is always offering the same gift, the gift to slow down and admire the beauty of its existence. The challenge is to be able to detect these signs of attractiveness in everything we interact with. Once we start seeing these signs in all of life, our true potential can be harnessed and released to bring forward the creation of our honest desires.

Decide every day to live life appreciating the gift beauty has to offer.

Beauty can be found in the shape of a flower, the large size of a mountain, the motion of a bird in flight, the sound of a waterfall, the smile of a baby, or in laughter surrounded by family. Sometimes they are subtle, other times they are strong and in your face. What they have in common is that beauty is available to everyone and it is found everywhere.

No matter the person, location or situation, if you are able to recognize the signs of beauty and utilize that energy of appreciation and gratitude to fuel your growth, we will guarantee that this source of loving energy will remain abundant and always providing.

By investing this energy in creative projects and in service to others, you will be connected to a source of energy that truly resonates with who you are, and it is just like you: eternal, abundant, expanding and always in service to be used for the highest outcome.

Do not underestimate the power that beauty can add to your own development. Surround yourself by it, create it, support it, manifest it, and commit yourself to have it as an essential ingredient in your creations and in your path of self discovery.