There is a great awakening of consciousness underway on the planet, which is fuelled by the self-realizations that each person is having at an individual level. As each of us chooses to lovingly reside in the heart space, this in turn expands our field and joins with the field of others who are already projecting this higher frequency of existence. As the fields come together and unify, a new level of consciousness can emerge.

This new level of awareness has Oneness and unity at the core of this vibration. However, for these frequencies to be establish at a global level, they need to start and manifest first at a personal level. This is the reason why living from the heart is critical, for only this inner space has the potential to channel into the rest of our field all the love, power and wisdom we will ever need to illuminate where we are making chooses that prevent us from fully experience this transformative light, so it flow freely inside and around us.

Our free will is our greatest power, and the invitation is to channel its energies to co-create a space where love cradles us in a blanket of security and peace. From this place of absolute certainly and protection we can make choices based only on love and inclusiveness for us, others and the planet, as we are one people and one planet.