Humanity is going through a process of transformation. What used to be dependable is no longer solid and supporting. Relationships that used to be nurturing are no longer in alignment with the change taking place in the hearts of each human being. We are no longer craving stability based on dependency. We desire authenticity based on connection and cooperation.

Humanity has been divided for thousands of years. Fear is the cage that imprisons our souls and bounds us to addictions, attacks, and war. The truth that fundamentally we are one people, vibrating at the beat of one common collective heart, got lost in the dust of meaningless battles for control, power and dominance.

The ego has reigned undisputed for a long time, keeping the keys to our salvation away from our conscious perception. For indeed liberation means to live a life aware of how our choices affect and create our reality. The ego thrives in the shadows and fears that human’s awareness is going to cast light upon its constructs of deceit.

Awareness means waking up to the reality that the game of control is about possessing the personal power of each person on Earth. If we are asleep, it's easy for an intruder to enter the room and robs us of our possessions. Because humanity has slumbered for so long it has forgotten it had treasures and values that have long been pillaged.

Challenging times invites us to wake up from our comatose state and regain sovereignty over the direction of our lives. It’s a called to recover all the power that we allowed to be taken away and clear our minds to the realization that we are beings of pure energy currently engaged in experiencing a world seemingly solid.

In waking up, we are required to face how we relate to our spirituality and the creative force called God. It requires that we sober up and take full account and responsibility for the state of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Becoming conscious, invites us to let go of any debilitating activities and abuse relationships. It requires effort and commitment with the goal of regaining sanity, peace and connection with who we are truthfully.