The world constantly demands that we show different facets of our personalities under different circumstances. We are constantly pulled in one direction and the other, changing hats, switching outfits, and wearing several masks.

All this shifting and shuffling requires tremendous amounts of energy and coordination. To make this worst, some of us want to be everything to everyone. We become like Chameleons, ever changing our characters, appearance, and responses to accommodate those close to us, so we are liked, accepted, included, considered, seen, needed and feel like we belong and not alone.

There is a myriad of reasons why we shapeshift to amalgamate and blend with our environment. At some level we want to be normal, fit in, not stand out too much, and not get too much attention. We shut down so many areas of our identity to navigate a world that is ever changing and needs us to be what’s required and not who we really are.

Of course, there is a spectrum of how much people sacrifice their true nature in exchange for normalcy, even if that requires the adoption of a synthetic persona. No matter where you are in the scale, we all change to accommodate in one way or another. This has become the norm and we all are doing, even unconsciously.

In following this established pattern, sometimes a lot must be sacrificed by the individual to mold themselves into what’s required of the situation. We dress up and speak differently, we become either more tense or serious, we refrain from expressing our opinions and views, and we demand to stay on character.

It is important to recognize that this adaptation game is optional, and most likely we have chosen to play the game of blending in to survive, thrive and even excel. If this is a process that works for you and it feels in alignment with what you sense is your gift to the world, then continue engaging in this choice.

If however, all this recreation and restructuring feels draining and contrived, then the solution is first of all to call it out and determine what areas are affected by this fake sense of self. It is important to determine if what you getting out of that situation is more than what you are putting out – is it worth to show someone you are not fully yourself?

If more authenticity and presence is required in a situation, then it is up to you to terminate any engagements and contracts that go against this new choice. By choosing anew, you allow a new perspective to develop and your real light to shine.

By being fully you in every situation there is no more wasting energy having to assess what masks need to be worn. The tower of cards can finally be destroyed and with it the illusion of a character that does not really reflect what’s important to you to offer.

Nowadays being fully authentic, having a voice, standing for what you feel is right, being ok with disagreements and shinning light on unpopular topics is more relevant than ever.

A different world requires us to engage with it in a different manner and show the different and truthful energy of who we are, so we can bring forth all the gifts that only us can offer humanity and the new world that is emerging.