Dear ones I'm Jeshua. The heart never stops nor takes a break. It is always in motion (e-motion), animating your light and physical bodies. Likewise, spirit does not rest. I and others in the community of light are devoted to having your world return to full consciousness, and we are always in movement, active, and alert to continue the work that began centuries ago. The same is true of your soul, your true self - it does not sleep nor steps out of your sight for a moment, for that part is you. It is always present and aware of the reality of consciousness.

This message is about the importance of staying in action and moving forward in the commitment of your path towards personal purification, spiritual freedom, enlightenment, and ascension. You are raising from the ashes of your previous, limited self and moving upwards and inwards into accepting more of the light of your real soul self to manifest and find expression through your physical affairs. Ascension is about regaining consciously this connection and allowing this powerful spiritual energy to step boldly in your field and influence your life, so decisively, that your previous self would not recognize the being you are becoming.

Be diligent in your path to self-mastery by becoming conscious of what your body, mind and emotions are doing every moment each day. Are they working in coherence with each other and at unison with the influences of the heart? Are they speaking and projecting the language of love and unity in all their activities? Are they establishing a strong foundation for you to transcend beliefs and behaviors that have left you depleted and ashamed? By looking at your human facets daily and taking account of the direction they're taking, it gives you the ability to perceive if the destination is leading back to your heart or away from it.

Be restless in your pursuit of self-knowledge and introspection, you are the only one eventually responsible for the condition of your energy field. Is your field being kept clear, clean, and vibrant, or is it being fractured, leaked, and depleted? The former feels expensive, and you immediately feel in alignment with your heart connection and the path been laid out for you. The latter feels exhausting, tiring and leaves you open to self-sabotage and being a victim of undesirable energetic possession that seeks to take control over your mind and heart. It leads you to self-destruction and spiritual disconnection. The heart is your ultimate compass, and it is in learning to rely on it that true spiritual progress towards liberation and ascension from limitations is achieved.

Low vibrational forces that seek to intimidate and enslaved do not rest either. They are always looking for weakness in your energy field or aura to come in and plug themselves to drain and create disturbances that manifest as illness and mental disorders. Become just as relentless on your pursuit of strengthening your field and elevating your consciousness to higher levels of vibration where love and unity is all you are, see, and give to the world and to those you encounter. Be a flame that constantly remains lit to serve as a reminder of the light you are and that you came here to be and share with others.

Personal inner work cannot be underestimated. Your process towards becoming lighter and more attuned with your spiritual self is in your hands and it starts by looking in the shadows for those things that cannot be easily seen, but nonetheless create effects that diminish the connection and ability to perceive what the heart is trying to communicate. Be unstoppable in your search for peace and be the eternal flame that ignites the whole world, so a new one can surface from out of those ashes.